Blogging Cured Me!

07 Apr

So after I wrote that whole blog about how I feel like shit. The next day, I felt wonderful! Isn’t that just creepy? I’m not expecting it to last, I feel pretty good today, tired but good. And while I was on the phone with Leslie I thought of a whole bunch of funny things I COULD have said to the CT scanner guy after he asked me if I was pregnant or not. Oh and I’m not by the way…so yeah. Except again last night Jesse tried to pin the whole “want a baby thing” on me, because I again was accosted by adorable babies at work and mentioned in passing how I tried to steal one…that’s neither here nor there…And so he says: “Do you have the baby bug or something?” and I says(hehe): “Maybe, maybe I just need a little lump to hold on to every so often. I really need to get my hours cut at work so I have more time to spend with my friend who’s sister is fostering a brand new baby, because I know she would let me hold him! I really want to ask women who have babies at work to just let me hold them for a little bit. So I can smell them. I just want to smelly your baby. Is that so wrong?

Oh and Katie, for your information, I got the CT scan back, and here is the image that the doctors saw…



HE HAS RETURNED! I knew it was him all along!


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2 responses to “Blogging Cured Me!

  1. Mellymoo

    April 7, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    HILARIOUS! CT scans…you never know what you’ll find!! bahahahha! Thanks!

  2. Katie

    April 7, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Love love love the CT picture .. I truly think you should keep that picture in your wallet and just pull it out at random times and look fondly at it and sigh then say out loud “I can’t wait until you’re here!” hahahaha

    Hate the delayed intelligence thing .. I have that issue and just a little sumthin’ to look forward to as you creep towards 40 ~ it gets worse! Oh yes it does!

    Don’t fall for Jesse’s baby ploy ~ but you never know, the next one may be the best pregnancy ever!! But to be on the safe side … buy a baby doll, when you get sick and tired of holding that “lump” you can just throw it in the closet and DHS won’t come knockin’! See I got your back ~ you can count on me I have all the great ideas!!


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