Having Family Here is Fun, Now GET OUT!

26 Mar

Well, my sister is leaving me for good. I made her move here almost a year or two ago, and now she’s leaving me. Which will leave only me out of my hometown. It doesn’t make me sad. That town was never for me. We had some good times though here this week with my mom and oldest sister here. Oh and my three nephews too. My mom somehow got my brother to let her bring his 4 year old up with her, so Oscar got some good cousin time…He’s not selfish like Jesse. Jesse won’t let them take Oscar for a week, because he thinks it’s too soon for something like that. For HIM not for Oscar. He “couldn’t handle it” but he forgets all those times that BOTH Oscar and I were gone for ohhh a month at a time. But whatever. It’s not like I’m trying to get rid of my kid for a week or anything!

The boys made me do some Wii Just Dance almost every night. And uhm can I just say that I KICK FREAKING ASS at Just Dance? Yup. High scorer all around. My sister is mad because apparently I was the only one of the girls in the family to get any rhythm. My youngest brother is a good dancer too. We pretty much tear it up on the floor.

So here are some pictures of the dancing, and maybe some video, if I can get it working. Not of me of course, because although I am a good dancer, I’m too fat for photos or video…you understand.

Okay and if this works right…Here’s the boys dancing to Who Let The Dogs Out on Just Dance.


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