Money Drunk

16 Mar

We finally got our tax returns through weird little happenings we found out that our closed bank account was reopened with Jesse’s taxes. So now we’re legit again, and I’m drunk with money. Okay not really. But I have spent some damn money. But so did Jesse. He “HAD” to get a car with good gas mileage for his work so he found a decently priced used Hyundai and bought it on the spot. I got myself an upgraded phone. My phone is way better then that damn car. The only thing it doesn’t do is drive me around or wipe my ass. I also got a new comforter for my bed because I have been hating my ugly brown one for a while. My new one is BEAUTIFUL.
See? Oh and it cost me $42. For a comforter, sheet set, pillow cases, bed skirt, and two pillow shams. The sheets suck balls, but that’s okay because I have some 450 count on order from I love Overstock. And those sheets only cost me $30.
Today I went in and got my eyes checked and got contacts and ordered new glasses. I went cheap on the glasses ($28 for lenses and frames) so I can get an entire years worth of contacts. Which will also be at a discount. Don’t I sound sooo frugal! LOL. Then I went to Target. And it all went down hill. I bought too much crap. I think I needed it but I’m not sure.
Okay back to my phone. Behold…The Samsung Behold II in all it’s glory and splendor:

I’m in love. I got it because my brother came up and he had a Droid for Verizon and this is T-Mobile’s version of the Droid. The biggest reason was: my brother’s phone can have Pandora on it and then you can hook it to your car stereo and then have pretty much XM radio in your car, FOR FREAKIN’ FREE. So yeah I got it for the free radio. Swear to God. Okay so I didn’t like Pandora when it was on my computer because I didn’t understand it, but I get it now. My baby brother showed me the way. And I like the way. A lot.
So it does so much more then just Pandora. I can have my Kobo on it, so I can read books, and I’m pretty sure if I want I can have Kindle for you people who don’t know what Kobo is, it’s the same as Kindle. I just have to figure out how to get it on there. So for now it’s Kobo. Oh and the twitter app is awesome. I even put Facebook on there, but I have only used it once. The nice thing is that I did have an upgrade so it didn’t cost me as much as it normally would. And I paid a down payment on it and the rest will be put on my bill. Or I can pay it all off which ever.

So basically most of the crap that I bought we needed, or I felt like I needed, and then some of it was just stuff that we wanted, and were not able to get other wise. We are paying off some bills, we are also going to go through some debt consolidation because of all the crap we went through last year. Everything except our car and my student loans went to collections so our only choice is the consolidation. We don’t have enough to declare bankruptcy and I don’t want to do that anyway.

I’m hoping that I can get a weekend off of work in May to go down for my mom’s birthday. She’s turning a “dignified 60” and I suggested that we go get so drunk that no one remembers that she turned 60 so she can do it all over again next year. But she’s a weirdo that actually WANTS to be dignified. I told her I would never be able to turn 60. But she said I could, and would be there. I’m holding it to her. If my math skillz serve me that means she will be 89 when I turn 60, and we will get drunk, in the old folks home, unless she’s living with me. Which she might, because I’m sure since I have already been told I have to take care of her BROTHER in old age, I’ll have the rest of them too. I’ll just open my own old folks home and get all their Social Securities! bwwaahhaaa

Okay I think that’s it. I honestly hate that I haven’t been blogging as much. Stupid work, I wish I could actually be an awesome mommy blogger like all the rest and make some damn money at home. Meh, I’ll just go on being jealous! hahah. KIDDING!!

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One response to “Money Drunk

  1. Mellymoo

    March 16, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    I love spending money. Then I hate myself for it and wonder why I needed any of it! But since I sold my phone I could afford today! Love it!!!


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