Man I Hate Robert Pattinson.

04 Mar

I’m “boverd” by Robert Pattenson.

I love the skits that Jimmy Fallon does, because I love Jimmy Fallon, and they’re hilarious.

I don’t see the appeal. Sorry, I know some of you that read this love him. And I get that tastes differ. So here’s my taste. He leaves me with a taste of poo in my mouth. He’s got a weird face, and I hate that he’s always grabbing at his hair.
But now “R.Patts” as he’s lovingly referred to is in a new movie were it looks as though it’s Twilight without the fangs. Awesome. Something else I’m not going to watch. Oh and I didn’t like him BEFORE Twilight, BTW. Because he was in Harry Potter. Remember that? Yeah and he was ugly in that, and I mentioned it, every time I watched the damn HP movie. He wasn’t good as that character in HP and I don’t think he fits as the character for Twilight either. Yes I’ve read the books. I see characters as I read, and none of the actors are right. I’m sorry. This is my opinion. MY BLOG! HA! Okay wait I’ll back up, the actor that plays Jacob is the closest for me to the book. And I’ve actually heard some “Twihards” say that they think otherwise. So it’s safe to say that I will probably never see eye to eye with “Twihards” and honestly, that is okay with me.


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One response to “Man I Hate Robert Pattinson.

  1. A Mother's Thoughts

    March 4, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    I too agree actually! I find that he looks like some kind of strange animal. I’m not sure what all the hype is about him….well I think that it is the series and not necessarily him!! He just lucky, because he looks strange.



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