The Best Things Oscar says

31 Jan

To end NaBloPoMo I wanted to post a story about my vagina for the Renegade moms. But this didn’t happen because I suck at writing assignments. So here is some of the wonderful things Oscar has said to me this past month…

While watching The View with Barb(Jesse’s mom) he sees Whoopi and says “Who’s that? My grandma?” and Barb says “No that’s Whoopi!” and Oscar replies “Oh! YOUR Grandma!” HAHAH!! I should have known!! And no Barb does not resemble Whoopi in the slightest.

“Good Job mom” for lighting candles. I’m glad I’m doing something right!

“I’m angry! I go to my room now!!”

Waking up because of a train horn: “Shuddup Train!” Train horn goes again. “TRAIN! SHUDDUP!!”
Then he wakes up a little more and says: “All monsters gone now mom? Yup all gone, monsters gone.”(crazy dreams like his momma! yay!)

“You can do it mom!” (I need no cheerleaders!)

“Give me some love”

oh and I got him to say “Shut your dirty mouth” to his dad. bwahahahahaa

While punching himself in his crotch: “GO AWAY!” “GO AWAY RIGHT NOW!” hmmm…


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2 responses to “The Best Things Oscar says

  1. joceycakes

    February 10, 2010 at 8:12 am

    LOL!!! The last one made me laugh out loud hahaha 😀

    • randadawn

      February 11, 2010 at 9:15 am

      Yeah it was really hard not to laugh at him when he was doing that, I just kept telling him to quit it. Which only made it worse. Boys are fun.


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