My Awesome Text Conversation

28 Jan

This is a text conversation that my friend Leslie and I had the other night about hobo ghosts. For your information a hobo ghost is a bum pretending to be a ghost and they live in the scary shack outside my house. Here’s a picture:

You can totally tell that this is haunted with a whole bunch of hobos.

Me: I’m busy watching Paranormal State(awesomest ghost hunter show EVER!)
Leslie: Well pardon me! Good Day!
Me: That’s right.
Me: It is CREEPY!!
Leslie: It’s not real!
Me: You’re not real! wait…
Leslie: Hobo ghost are watching you get freaked out…they plan to strike tonight!
Me: GAH!
Leslie: hahahha they’ll take everyone’s right shoes
Me: I’m hiding them! They can’t have my right shoe! Not without a fight!
Leslie: ahahahaha then if you wanted to wear a shoe on each foot it would look so funny! hhhhahaaaahhaa
Me: I hate you and hobo ghosts
Me: I’m putting this all on my blog
Leslie: Shoe stealing hobo ghosts are a very serious issue in america. We should start a task force.
Me: We need an acronym!
Leslie:ahgsswae ( seriously though she just had a seizure or something when she wrote that)
(but instead of knowing what she said I said): Nice I’m going to bed, we’ll discuss more in the morning.
Leslie: I think maybe the hobo ghosts would steal all your apples but they don’t have teeth to eat them with.
Leslie: (sent while I was sleeping): awesome hobo ghost shoe stealers wannabe apple eaters task force usa so it would be: ahgsswaetfusa (I think it’s catchy!)
Leslie: Goodnight.

Okay so do you see how that I am totally  not the funny friend?
So that’s what you get today. I’m getting a cold. I think it finally might be the pig flu and I will be the one hospitalized. No being dramatic or anything but just know the next time I post it might be from a hospital bed. Okay not really. I’m totally not going to be blogging from the hospital. I don’t think they allow that. I’ll tweet from my phone.

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Posted by on January 28, 2010 in Crazy Talk, General Nonsense


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