I Don’t Want to Work Anymore…and oh yeah…Big News!

25 Jan

They keep scheduling me for 30 to 32 hours a week. Dude. I thought part-time meant like 20-25 hours a week. I think they’re trying to kill me here. Sure yes the money is good and I should not bitch. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I should have married a rich man because this girl right here? She was not meant to work full-time. I’m just not. It leaves me open to making more mistakes. The more I work the worse I get.
Oh and a BTW to customers: You don’t have to tell me if you’re using debit or credit, my screen tells me what you’ve chosen, or I can see you clearly punching in the numbers for your PIN.
And there is a reason why some lanes are 20 items or less. We only have three bags on the carousel and when you have more the 20 items you take forever to empty your freaking cart and then the people in line behind you get mad at ME. For you taking forever.
Oh and one more thing. Yes please ignore the 6 people in line behind you and wait until I get completely done to run your credit card. Don’t bother looking for it while I’m ringing up your 30 items in my 20 items or less line.
I did, however on a lighter/funnier note, see this the other day stuck to a cupboard by the front doors for the door greeters, on a tag: “number of idems, initials, date, name of idems” Yeah. IDEMS. I had to fix it, I had to. I’m not the world’s number one spelling bee champion, and many of you can attest to this, but yeah that was a glaring mistake.

On to the big news.

Jesse is going to school!! Yay!! 10 years after he graduated high school and he’s decided that he’s going to go to college. For what you ask? Oh just Criminal Justice so he can become a cop. Which is hilarious considering his past. But hey it works for him. I think he will do smashing. And not to be gross and all weird on you but I think he will look pretty damn good in a uniform…That’s what I’m looking forward to. And no there will be no pictures of him. Okay their might be pictures of him. hehe. So he actually went in and talked to the financial aid office at one of the community colleges here, and found out that the course is offered at the OTHER C.C. so later this week he will drive all the way over to the other one across town and talk to THAT financial aid office and see what we can do. This means that I will be hopefully completing and passing my school work here in the near future so that I can get a better paying job. If I continue on. That is still up in the air because I’m at a complete loss with this course. Anyway back to stinking Jesse, he’s decided to go full-time though and just either not work or work less. This means we’ll have to live off student loans and my work. Which will hopefully be 40 hours a week and not at W.M. But if he goes full-time that just means he gets done faster and gets a good job faster. Which is all good for me! Because then maybe I can be a stay at home mom again. haha. Just kidding! (Maybe)

Twitter things that bug me: Saying the same things over and over again. I’m not talking about just your blog post that you keep telling us about. But you’ve already said that earlier today. You know how I know? Because I’m on twitter a lot, just like you are. Yes we know that you are witty, it makes it less witty the second time around. Oh and honestly once a day for your blog post is good enough. Twice, yes I have been guilty of this, is pushing it. But every hour on the hour? KNOCK IT OFF!
Thank you and goodnight.

Okay it’s almost 11 in the PM I have to get up bright and early with the monster child and yeah I live for doing that.

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