Getting to It

22 Jan

I wanted something to snack on. Really bad. Like I had just smoked a fat bowl. I’ve never done that before I swear. I don’t do drugs. Hugs Not Drugs.

Sometimes when I see annoying things on Twitter I think “gah, that person is annoying..” and then they tweet something that makes me say “DAMNIT! They like the same freaking TV as me.” So they’re still annoying yet I start to think to myself that maybe I’m that guy. And yes at times I have admitted to being “that guy” but at the moment I don’t feel that way. I just wish they wouldn’t like the same shit that I do and in turn like all the annoying crap that they like. Oh and I don’t understand what is everyone’s obsession with the word “hubby.” And then I start to wonder, maybe it’s my obsession. It probably is, and one day I’ll get over it but for now. STOP SAYING HUBBY AROUND ME OR YOU WILL GET CUT! YOU HEAR ME!?
Whew. I feel a little better now. (I just totally typed “bitter” when I meant better. Awesome)

I have tomorrow and Sunday off. My sister said something about coming over to visit, but I’m not holding it to her. So I’m hoping to get some transcribing done at some point in time. I am going to do my assignment for sure tomorrow. I’m kicking my own ass on this right now. I need to get it done. I got attacked at work by a guy with an internet biz and now I’m paranoid. I don’t want to get sucked into another scheme like that. I’m done with those. So I will be politely declining the invite when his “wife” calls about the “meeting.”

So in other news! My friend is coming next month from NYC to visit me! We haven’t seen her in a year! I’m excited. Thus the reason for all the exclamations! haha. She’s going to stay with my sister though, because we have cats and she’s deathly allergic to cats. Last time she visited and we had cats she almost stopped breathing. I learned from that. It’s not good to kill your friend with pet hair. I don’t know though, I’m having selfish second thoughts about having her stay at my sister’s house. I’m very, very selfish when it comes to people in my life. It’s MY MOM. And MY FRIEND. And I don’t like when people try and hone in on my people. But it was my idea for her to stay at my sister’s so I’ll deal with it. I’m hoping to not work so much while she’s here and hopefully get at least two days off so we can hang. And by hang I mean recover from drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Jesse got a ring for me at Christmas. We’ve been calling it my friendship ring. Because it’s funny. And at first it didn’t fit, it was too small and my finger would turn red and then I would freak out and think my finger was going to fall off. So I was going to take it in and get it resized, but then I tried it on the other day again and it fits now! So apparently I lost weight in my fingers! HOORAY!!

Okay I think this is enough of a random post for everyone. I know it’s a bunch of crap and I thank you for getting through it!

P.S. I’m totally waiting for some blogging backlash and drama now since someone that everyone is supposed to love but we really don’t got a TV deal. Let the bitching commence!! (vague enough for you??)

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