Shakira scares me more than Lady Gaga

20 Jan

Well I guess that’s all I need to say because the title does it for me. But yeah, I just watched Shakira’s video “She Wolf” and apparently she is some sort of contortionist who can’t control her chest or something. Her boobs are bumping out all over the place. It’s creepy. I thought Lady Gaga’s video for Bad Romance was scary but it’s no where near Shakira. At least I can understand Gaga. I don’t think Shakira is singing in English or Spanish.

I’m a Gaga fan. I think she’s wonderful. I heard her first single over a year ago and fell in love. Because seriously I “Just Dance” all the time anyway. So what’s not to love. And the longer she’s around the weirder she gets and she doesn’t appologise for it. Or tone it down for anyone. Even Oprah. She is just awesome. She’s pretty much my crazy dreams personified. And I get sucked into her videos, and I sit and just say “Gaga is crazy!” I think she’s wonderful.

Shakira, well, I used to be a fan but now all I see is the same weird pop your boobs out move all the time, and I’m bored with her. She has big hair and she can put her foot behind her ear…yawn. I need more! And I need to kinda understand what you’re saying in your songs. That’s all I ask. I’m not asking you to solve the world hunger crisis. Just sing so we can understand you. And stop with the terrible dancing. It’s like your having a stroke or something. Seriously. I think Oscar dances better then she does. It’s like when P. Diddy says he can dance. That makes me want to cut someone. Can you tell how much I love P. Diddy. I almost want to get on that show “I want to work for Diddy” and then some how win him over and actually work for him and then one night sneek in and cut him. And I’m not talking baby cuts either people. The dude is horrid and needs to be taken care of by professionals.

Wow. Sorry about the Diddy tangent! I’m glad I got that out though.

Things that annoy me today: a tweet that I just saw “starting to plan our fifth wedding anniversary, (it’s in two years).” I’m shuddering.
and Facebook updates that are just recycled from other people on Facebook. Yes sure I have done this a time or two. But now I’m done with it, and I’m bored already. People. It’s bad enough that I’m ready to take a permanent break from Facebook.

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One response to “Shakira scares me more than Lady Gaga

  1. Stefanie

    January 21, 2010 at 8:17 am

    That is hysterical. I am not hip enough to watch a video, so will now act hip with my teenage boys and smugly say, “What is that boob popping thing that Shakira does?” Then, they will look at me like I have two heads (as always) and say, “Who is Shakira?” I never win.

    Could you please do a make fun of someone’s tweet on a daily basis? Not mine of course. But someones. I want to. But not only am I not hip. I am a coward.


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