The Best Way to Get The Wax Out

19 Jan

My ear has been bugging me for a week or two now. You know the little man that has been trying to get out of my head through my ear drum? Yeah him. So I am going to go to the health food/hippy place tomorrow and getting some Ear Candles.

Yes! That is right! I have used ear candles and they have worked for me! You would not believe the crap that comes out of my ears. I have even used the ghetto way and just rolled news paper up into a cone shaped and that way worked just as well! Wikipedia (the source for ANYONE WHO’S ANYONE! LESLIE!) says that the residue is just from the candle itself. But how does it explain it when I used a news paper and got the same result?? hmm? Wiki? HMMM???I hate when my schemes are dashed by science. I’m still going to use my hard earned money to get these things. Because modern science fails me. I’ve almost talked myself out of this already. I’m going to probably just get some ear wax remover and do it the normal way. Putting crap in my ear and then flushing it out with a water bulb. Yay! I used to have to go to the doctor to have it done because my ear cannals are tiny and crooked. So my ears get plugged up super easy and well I once had insurance and was able to have the nurse do it for me. But not anymore. So I’m on my own.

Alright after writing this nonsense I have read enough to talk myself out of getting the candles. I’ll just get some ear wax remover and hope for the best. Even though I know that it has helped me, or so I thought! haha.

P.S. Grossest thing I’ve ever seen: The Big Mac Snack Wrap. Gross.
P.P.S The funniest Facebook update I’ve seen: “WOW. I guess I’m never using that word again…”dork”….I found out it’s real meaning. Sick.” (This person is over the age of a fifth grader BTW. Oh and I learned that meaning back when I was a 4th grader and thought it was HILARIOUS!!)

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One response to “The Best Way to Get The Wax Out

  1. Jayme

    January 20, 2010 at 7:23 am

    I agree with the snack wrap, barf.


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