Sleeping the Day Away

15 Jan

Oscar was up at 3 am this morning puking. I love cleaning up puke. It’s my favorite pass time. Three loads of laundry later, he’s finally done puking. No fever. Just a bulimic kid.

So I don’t really have much to report. Just a lot of nothing today. It’s wonderful. I slept a lot today.

I’m trying to be good and keep money in my account. It’s really hard because I want to buy music. I’m addicted. I just got a bunch last week and I want more. MORE DAMNIT!

I really didn’t want this NaBloPoMo to be this way. I didn’t want to just spew a bunch of nonsense every day. I wanted to have something bigger and better for me this month. I haven’t even had any funny conversations to talk about. Wait! I did! Last night when my uterus was hatching plans to escape from my body.Ugh but it’s such a long story, with a very long history. Starting with a badger that lives in my hooha, it was cemented in there. See long gross story. And it ends with Jesse working out on a Tony Little’s Gazelle. Which lends to vision of him bounding through the house making gazelle noises and trying to find grass to graze on. It’s an awesome workout plan. Jesse has bat ears and can hear me talking on the phone which I am not aware of until I come out and tell him about my uterus and as soon as I get out “My uterus” he says “I KNOW! I can hear you talking about it!” So apparently he doesn’t really care that it’s trying to hatch plans to escape with help from an angry badger.

I love watching The Ghost Whisperer but it throws me off a bit to know that Jenifer Love Hewitt bedazzles her hoo-haa.

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