Hey Kid!

14 Jan

Not to be mean or anything but sometimes I wish my kid would just get off my nuts already. Seriously. I’m on the computer and he has to get a stool to stand right at the desk/table and touch things on the computer and on the desk/table. How many times can I say “no” and “quit”? He thinks it’s funny. It’s not. I had to work all stinking day today. And I got bullied by a 4 year old. And in retaliation I rudely handed/threw a plastic bag at her and hoped that she would maybe put it on her head and suffocate.

I’m afraid I’m PMSing at the moment or something. This is odd because I haven’t had a period in like 3 months I think. Or 4. I can’t remember. But I’m irritable and my uterus hurts.


He just put the TV on the worst cartoon ever, and LEFT THE FREAKING ROOM! “Thanks dickface!” So then I had to turn around in my chair and grab the remote off of the bed. Has he no concept of ME?! haha.
Sorry had to go off on a spoiled bitch rant. I haven’t done that before!

Whew, so honestly I have nothing to talk about really, so this is why I have all the bitching.

And I’m spent. Sorry for the waste of a post, but hey I did it!!

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Posted by on January 14, 2010 in Angry Ranting, General Nonsense



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