The Best Thing I found Last Night

13 Jan

I found this website and it’s like Kindle. But not Kindle! So I can still be “un-hip” which I really am fond of. They have some free books that you can put on your computer or phone. Which is awesome so now I can read in bed, or read something while Oscar is watching his ‘stories’ and if I do want to buy a book most of them are $9.99 and less. I don’t know how much Kindle is, I’m sure it’s “way cooler” then this one. But hey I found it and I like it!

I’m not suggesting you go out and look and get a whole bunch of books from here either. I’m just telling you the best thing that I found last night.

I’m hiding in my room because Oscar wanted to play Burnout Paradise City. And the game makes me dizzy. Thing is, he doesn’t know how to play it so well, and then makes me play it for him. And it gives me a headache. So now I’m just yelling from my room. “FIGURE IT OUT!” Because every so often I hear “I’m stuck!!”

Oh and if you ever want to know how people make it on less then you. Jesse only made 11 grand last year. And we survived. Sure, we have collections calling us on occasion. But really? We never ended up living in our car, and we only had food stamps for maybe two months! Because it annoyed the crap out of me to have to deal with DHSH. They’re serious assholes there. I think it’s because they think every single person that comes into their offices are druggies or something. So they treat EVERYONE like a druggie. Instead of treating everyone like they would want to be treated if the tables were turned.

Anyway that’s about it for today. I don’t have much to talk about. As you can clearly see!

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