Needing “Best” suggestions

12 Jan

So Jesse got his pay cut by his “journeyman” the other day. And now we need suggestions on what we should do. I’ve been told that he should just take a job that pays less and might be crappy for a while. He really wants to go into law enforcement, but realistically, there aren’t very many opportunities right now, and he would have to go to school. So that would take two years at least, and when he gets done with all that time (and money) would there be jobs then?

His journeyman is a total prick. Last year he started out the year making $20 an hour. But then construction took a nose dive, so his hours got few and far between. Then the dick decided to cut him down to $18 an hour. Oh Jesse has been this guy’s “apprentice” now for 5 years. $18 is still cool, if you working 40 hours a week. Not if you’re working maybe 20 to 30 a week. And you’re the only one working in your family. So then he gets threatened because of ONE mistake that he’ll get his pay cut again. “You do $15 an hour work, I’ll pay you that.” Meanwhile…the big bosses and everyone else that Jesse has worked for over the past 5 years has NEVER said that to him. Jesse does most of the work, stays longer, and seems to be better liked, because he doesn’t bitch about EVERY SINGLE JOB. Yet he won’t go to his big bosses and say get me my own work. Because there’s not enough. Now cut to last night. Journeyman decided to cut Jesse again down to $16 an hour. Without telling him! So the pay check was about $140 less then what we thought it was going to be. Good bye paying bills on time!
So we’re off to explore some options. To see if he should just go to school now for something he would really like to do and that won’t kill his body in the long run.
Any suggestions? Honestly? We could use all the help we can get.

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Posted by on January 12, 2010 in Angry Ranting, The Best


One response to “Needing “Best” suggestions

  1. kristen

    January 12, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Personally, I would go to the journeyman’s boss(es) and tell them what is going on. I would also suggest that Jesse: document, document, document, getting as much of stuff in writing as possible.


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