The Best Drunken Political Rant…To date…

05 Jan

I’m of the mind at the moment to become completely apathetic towards politics. My current thought is “meh” because honestly what can I do? What are YOU doing all you nay sayers? All you people who are pro-Obama or con-Obama? What are YOU doing to change the current situation? Are you gathering your posse to rally on city hall? With your pitch forks and torches? And you pro-Obama people are you still standing up for the man you elected? Or are you backpedaling because “he didn’t deliver on his “promises?” And on that note has ANY President done good on his promises?

I don’t care anymore. I honestly don’t give a shit about it. I think that all the politicians can suck a dick and drop dead for all I care. They’re all lying sacks of garbage anyway. All they do is cater to the lobbyists and we sir are not lobbyists. We are the American People! We stand united as one! BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Get over it. And stop talking about Sara Palin. She’s a douche. I don’t like her. I don’t think she’s smart or funny or witty and I don’t think that she represents the “American Women” at all. I think any other “American Woman” knows damn well you can’t see Russia from Alaska.

(Written while slightly drunk and angry at 12 am.)

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Posted by on January 5, 2010 in Angry Ranting, The Best


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