The First of the “Best”

04 Jan

So here’s a list of possible “bests” that Leslie and I came up with tonight. Let the insanity ensue:

The best dessert
Best TV Shows
Best Pet I ever had
Best Movie(s)
Best Song(s)
Best Book: Then and Now
Best Adult Cartoon
Best Little Kid Books for Grown ups
(here’s where it gets wacky)
The best color of lamp for this section of the room
The best number of stairs for a house
The best outfit to wear while twittering
The best shoes to wear while watching DVR of Criminal Minds
The best karaoke song
The best alcoholic beverage
The best way to avoid running, your whole life
The best way to make Pork Chops
The best route to take to the nearest strip club.
The best way to win the lottery
The best way to drive traffic to your blog
The best way to do a somersault
The best way to gain 5lbs in 10 min
The best way to lose 15lbs in 10 min
The best name for a strip club
The best way to get your significant other to leave the room. Quickly.

My problem with this whole “best” thing is that it’s rather insignificant. I mean I could answer these in a short little sentence. So how in fact do I expand on these questions? I’m sure this is my real test. Feel free to add to the list, wacky is always welcome. I will continue to think of other “bests” to write about. Maybe I’ll just hint on them. But I’m going to continue to write every day. I will! This is my only resolution for this year! And the “best” part is I only have to keep up with it for a month! YAY!
Oh wait I have another task for the year. I’m going to put together a year of pictures of Oscar for a Christmas letter. I have never done a Christmas letter, so this year will be interesting. I am going to have on picture of him for each month of the year and then I’m going to actually get him to get professional pictures done for the first time ever. I wonder how he’ll do! haha!

Alright I hope everyone had a wonderful day! I know I did! 8 hours is a long time to be on my feet. Especially when they’re holding up so much weight! I get the next two days off and it will be nothing but laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and transcribing. eww. Oh and some laying around will happen. I guarantee it.


Posted by on January 4, 2010 in NaBloPoMo, The Best


2 responses to “The First of the “Best”

  1. Samantha

    January 5, 2010 at 7:38 am

    How about the best excuses to use when you skip a day writing. I was full of them last month!

  2. fracas

    January 8, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    I think you probably can see Russia from Alaska. After all, I live in Saskatchewan, and I’m always hearing people say that thing about how in Saskatchewan, you can watch your dog run away for 4 days… so seriously… if that’s possible, then you should be able to see Russia from Alaska.



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