100 Things about me…You’re in for it now…

05 Dec

I just saw a good way to break this up into sections that I can manage. And I think I’ll do it in steps, so you keep having to re-read things…ha!!

Me…Where I came from, (family)
100. My mom and dad have been together for almost 40 years. Don’t know if they should be but they are!
99. Lots of people who know me know this…I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers.
98. I’m “bigger” then both my sisters. Taller and fatter. I’m awesome!
97. I’m “bigger” then my youngest brother. Not taller though. Just fatter. We were at one time an equal amount away from 200lbs. But instead of going down I keep going up.
96. My family is all above average height.
95. My mom had ten kids in her family.
94. My dad had 3.
93. Due to my mother’s awesome memory, I have 3 birthdays. Well due to my dad too. My real one is on August 2nd. But mom gets confused because my brother’s b-day is on the 4th…of January, and by the time August comes around she forgets and thinks mine is on the 4th. Then one year my dad thought my birthday was on the 10th, which is my nephew’s birthday. So when I turned 19 I ended up being 21. And got a beer from my sister for it!
92. All of us except my baby brother, who’s not really a baby, has kids. I’m the only one with just one.
91. Oldest sister has 3 boys. I don’t know their ages. Just the oldest because well he’s been around the longest!
90. Second oldest has two. Girl/Boy combo
89. Oldest brother/younger, has two. Boy/Girl combo.
88. I was the oldest when I started having kids. At 27.
87. I’ve said this before, but I grew up in one house. Mom, dad and oldest sister moved there and then never left. I don’t think they’ll ever leave. Unless one of us wins the lottery!
86. My parents never smoked. My mom swears she’s never tried weed.
85. Might need some back up on this but I think ALL of my siblings and I have “tried” weed.
84. One of my dad’s favorite movies is Easy Rider.
83. We all have a very dry sarcastic wit, that we got from our dad.
82. We all have a very sick sense of humor, that we got from my mom’s side of the family even though she tried to keep us from getting it by keeping us from her family.
81. We are all super competitive. Yet we all have low self-esteem. Mom has yet to figure out why.
80. When we were all older we pissed dad off so bad that he stopped going to church with us. On Christmas Eve.

Next time: Weird/Awkward things I’m admitting.

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