My Thoughts for the day

04 Dec

I think all this nonsense about “interviewing” people on blogs is just a contest to see which blogger is this witty-est. Yes I know that’s not a word. But really it all seems like a pissing contest to me. “My questions are funnier then yours!” “yeah well my interviewee is a better blogger then yours!”
Really this is just because I’m jealous because I’m not a famous enough blogger to be interviewed and I really am not a good enough journalist to actually interview anyone.Maybe I’ll do it anyway…who wants me to question them?!

Oh and a thought about my last post in which I said that I would have
Mariah Carey
Ben Folds
Josh Groban.
I have to expand. And probably take out Beyonce. Because honestly I only like her most recent CD. And her music isn’t diverse enough for me to really enjoy.
Eminem I would love to have because he changes so drastically yet stays the same from his very first CD to now.
Mariah well because I love her. And she has a lot of CDs to listen to.
Ben Folds because really? He’s awesome, I saw him live and I loved him.
Josh Groban, because I like singing in Italian!
I think I will trade Beyonce for Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yeah! That makes me hip right?! Because that’s what I’m going for here. HIP. Wait, no, Outkast. Yes! I love Outkast.

CDs that I would not have(and my reasons):
Dave Mathews Band-I have NEVER liked this band. And yes I went to college. I can’t stand his voice. He was funny on SNL but still don’t like his music.

Bob Marley-I am not technically a white person because I do not like Bob Marley. I don’t even really like reggae music all that much. I’ll listen to it if it’s on, but I’m not going out to reggae concerts.

U2– I know I’m not the only one to had Bono and his stupid sunglasses. I hate them. Like vehemently. More then I hate the word Hubby.

Pearl Jam-Do they sing “Don’t call me Daughter?” because that’s the dumbest song ever.

Pink Floyd-I don’t have an explanation, just never got into them, never liked it.

The Beatles-Now I like a couple songs. I will sing a long because my mom had their album and yes I know some lyrics. But if I were a fan of Rock Band I wouldn’t go out and buy the Beatles version. They’re not that great!

Jack Johnson-he reminds me of this soccer player I knew in college. Total bone head.


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