Holding YOU all acountable. OR Wordy Wednesday Posted on Thursday.

03 Dec

Uhm so do you remember when I said that Sundays were going to be about me and my working out? Yeah did you notice that the Sundays after I said that, there was no mention of my weight or anything? HELLO? You were all supposed to hold me accountable! I can’t be left to my own devices here people!
So I haven’t done anything. I tried. And now I can see how terrible my core really is because bagging groceries for 7 hours sucks. And I was kinda loosing my breath last night because my back hurt so stinking bad. The muscles were burning. BURNING!!!
So what if it’s “wordless Wednesday” here’s my words! (Edited because I didn’t get this posted till today, Thursday)
Ring– Jesse decided out of the blue on Monday to take me to a jewelry store and pick out a ring. He gave me a limit, a rediculous limit and I blew right by it. The ring is on layaway perfect poor people’s love story. There was no proposal linked to the ring. We haven’t discussed that part. I have been told by my eldest sister that the wedding will happen “when your sisters get off their asses and plan it.” and I added “and pay for it.” Because I am not paying for it. We just had to put out money for the damn ring.

Poop- Oscar was doing really good about pooping in the potty all by himself. And then something went terribly wrong. And four days now pooping in his unders. Nothing makes me gag quicker then poopy unders. Well there is something but I won’t go into it. I hate poop.

Work-Has been a lot of fun. I like all the people I work with and I have to say that there isn’t a lot of good dental hygiene going on at the store. But they’re nice people! Oh and having one car for three working people sucks balls. big time.

Crap, I’m already out of words. Maybe this is why they call it wordless Wednesday, because no one has anything to say.

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