If I won the Lottery…

19 Nov

First off I promised that once I got paid I would start playing the lottery…I did.
And this is what I would do with my winnings….
First I will be selfish, these are the selfish things I’m going to be doing:
Paying off all our debt.
Buy a house in the old neighborhood and remodel it to what I want it to be and decorate it sensibly. Not lavishly. I will not pack my house with shit just because I have money.
I will however have a gigantic garage.
Hybrid Tahoe
Nissan Skyline
Chevy Camaro
A big ass RV
Then while the house is being remodeled we would take a vacation and see all of my friends. ALL of them.

Second I would give my family the following:
Pay off all of their debts.
Buy Barb a house and a car of her choice.
When I say debt I say house payments too.
And if they don’t have a house I will buy one, and pay their taxes.
(listen don’t talk to me about “taxes” and all, I know the stipulations this will get worked out seriously if I did)
Okay back to it.
I would also buy them transportation of their choice, and pay their bills for at least 5 years.
I would also fund any kind of random “biz” they got into…okay that is a lie.

For my mom and dad…
I would pay off everything. Absolutely everything. I would buy my dad an old corvette that he’s been wanting and fund the whole thing to re-build it. I would give my parents anything they wanted. I would basically set up an account and just pay all of their bills all the time. Just so they would not have to worry about anything anymore. Oh and I would let my mom shop OFF the sales racks. So she wouldn’t have to wait for that shirt she loved to go down to $15 from $45.

When it comes to my friends this is what I would do. Since most of my friends went to college, and grad school and med school and law school. I would pay off ALL of their student loans. And then I would pay for all of them to gather at least once a year somewhere for a yearly reunion. And pay for everything.
They would get anything they wanted. I would also pay their bills for them for at least a couple years if they needed me to.
Leslie and I have a special arrangement since we’ve talked about this. I would buy a store for us, a yarn store/scrapbooking store. But we wouldn’t sell anything, we would just have it to have all the merchandise. Well we would sell stuff if people came into the store. But we wouldn’t try to sell anything. Oh and our store would be called: “Yarny-Yarny Cut-Cut” (I have copywrited that so don’t try and steal it, I know you want to!) We also have an arrangement that I would buy her a house, and the taxes on it. And give her a monthly allowance. (She better do the same for me if she wins the lottery)

These are the places that I would travel to if I won the lottery:
First to NYC to visit my best friend V and just go on a crazy spending spree.
Then to Africa on a safari, even though I’m shit scared of gigantic bugs, but I want to go to the Cheetah Conserve and help out. I would also donate a ton of money to that program.
Then I want to go to Japan, because well, why not?!
After that it would be a big trip around Europe.
Okay maybe just a big trip around the world. That sounds good.
When I finally get back to the states I will travel around in my big ass RV visiting friends and going to all the famous haunted places in the US.
And all the famous Steak Houses. I am going to just watch the travel channel and go where ever it tells me to! Like all the best water parks.
Oh! I would also take my ENTIRE family and shut down Disneyland for 3 days. Then we would head to Florida and see which one is better Disneyland or Disneyworld.
And now that I have this all down and out to the world I am holding myself to it.

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