"Put it back in your pants!"

16 Nov

I have realized that this is going to be said a lot more from now on. I love my boy. But really I get tired of seeing his wiener. Penis whatever YOU call it. I call it a wiener. I think because it’s fun to say. Oh and this was just said “put your butt on mom!”
I am thinking that our roles her might start getting reversed. I have gone to work the past four days and Jesse has not…This has lead me to say when I walk in the door “where’s mah beer!?” ha!
Today was an actual work day, well half day, I spent the first half “training” on the computers. And then the rest of the day was learning from another associate. It was fun. And then she left me. I had to work on a  busy register by myself. I made it, but my back didn’t. I am OUT OF SHAPE! My core muscles are in a bad way. I hope to one day get them into some sort of working condition but for now I’m REALLY worried about tomorrow when I have to do this for 7 hours. I don’t know if I will make it. I’m honestly not trying to be a wuss or anything but listen:
I haven’t worked or done ANYTHING outside my home in over 3 years. I also haven’t done any sort of “stand up all day, run around” work for over 5 years. So this is a big change for me. I’m going to try and not exaggerate and I think this is why I’m not a very good blogger. Because I tend to not stretch my truth too much. It might sound like an exaggeration but when I say that my body hurts from my neck to my toe joints, I am not kidding around. I am more out of shape then any other fat person. I got sweaty from scanning and bagging items. I don’t know how fast I was going compared to other beginners but I thought I was going at a decent rate. I didn’t have people tapping their feet or looking at their watches in exasperation. Sooo I think my first half day at work was good. I will say that I do like being in “retail” I put that in quotes because it’s not like other retail stores. I do like being around people, I have to say this, because before I’ve said that I don’t like to work with people. But you know what I don’t like?
I don’t like bitches in offices. I don’t like catty bored women who start shit in office settings and make a hostile work environment for others. I never EVER want to work in an office setting again. I will work the rest of my life at Wal-Mart if I have to, to avoid an office setting. Even at my last job where I really liked everyone and all the people were really cool, there was office drama. And I was even a target at one time. And I don’t like that shit. I will get my Medical Transcription done, but I will not work in an office, I will work at home from the comfort of my very own office/closet and not have to deal with other people fucking with me.
I’m sorry for that angryness. I had to get it out. I’m a little mad about a situation that my sister is in. And that’s all I’ll say about it.
Oh you know what else makes me mad? $32.00 for 200 text messages. I went over my 400 texts last month and it added that much to my bill. Did you know that it only costs 1/20 of a cent for those texts to get sent?? And they charge $.15, well T-Mobile does, a text?! That’s re-donkulous.

Oh and this is what happens when I have no idea what to write about. You should be used to it by now. And now I’m done, I’m getting off the computer and resting my shoulders and back. And possibly sqeezing my fat body into our tiny bathtub.

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Posted by on November 16, 2009 in Case of the Mondays, Crazy Talk


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