Friday List Day!

13 Nov

So I had to actually go in to a real job today! My first day as a Wal-Mart employee! It was boring, I hate training, just a lot of safety stuff. We’ll see, if I paid attention well enough I won’t get hurt.
So I’m phoning it in by giving a list of email subjects and various one liners that Leslie and I say…

First off you can’t not put something funny in a subject line here are the best from Leslie:
Next thing you know…
Bitch Bitch Bitch
Oregon Trail
Ty Cronin+pubic hair?
I hate yogurt
Juan es muy guapo
Hey, Durty
There’s a rat in my butt
Spectacular hobo
Snap your bagles
Ex-boyfriends should get wiener punched
Oops I crapped my pants
Shame cave
Sorry Roger, you tiger now
Mirando Pando
Evil Shenanigans
I’m such a disappointment
Sunshine pants
Consider me Miles Davis
The music moves me, but it moves me ugly
I’m allergic to rocks hitting me in the face
Not in a totally dirty way
Sexy bike gang
There’s no time for pleasantries
Oh yeah…meow
Turkey butts will chase you while your sleeping
I’m a Nigerian Prince!

Here’s a list of My subjects TO Leslie, because I’m funny too damnit!!
I’m so sneeky you can’t even hear me take a shower
Stupid Llamas
Punching Weiners
Shut it Jack! You shut your dirty manwhore mouth!

And then well the rest of them are just RE’s back to her. I’m only funny when I’m drunk.

So all of these usually don’t have anything to do with what is being said in the email. Which makes them all the better and more funny.

And this was what was said today while at Wal-Mart:
“I will slap a sicky!”

And this was said right after I said I’ll probably have to write all this down”
“do it with the wrong hand!!”

Going to work and blogging is tough work, I now know why so many SAHM do it! haha! BURN! Kidding! Loves!
Oh and can I just say that the day that I have to go to work something huge blows up in the blogging world and I had to catch up?! Sick and wrong! I missed Twitter today. I did!

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