Losing Steam…And Veteran’s Day Tribute.

11 Nov

I have hit a wall. A big wall that has writing on it that says “YOU’VE GOT NOTHIN!”
I had something in my brain last night and now it’s gone. I think it was pretty good too, but my computer was off and I didn’t want to turn it back on. I’m awesome.
I think I will blame it on The Little Einstiens that I have to watch all day long.
There’s a trend going on my Facebook about saying what your thankful for every day ’till Thanksgiving. Today’s theme is of course Veterans’ Day. So everyone on F.B. is thankful for vets. Which is wonderful. I’m thankful for vets because I love hearing stories from my Gramps about the WW2. And he doesn’t say it anyother way then “The WW2.” this is my favorite: “We had lions and tigers and elephants, in the WW2.” “Wait, what?” “Yeah on the boat, we had all those animals, and monkeys” “Really” “Yup”
Men in uniform get to me. Not like sexually but emotionally. I think that it’s such a huge sacrifice to decide one day to go into the army and “protect” this country full of people who don’t care about them, and who don’t honestly get what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. It is just such a selfless thing to do that every time I see a man or woman in a military uniform it chokes me up. This is getting a little better for me though since we’ve moved out closer to the Air Force Base, because I see them a lot more.
My cousin just recently went into the Army, and just graduated from basic training. I saw a picture of him posted by his sister on F.B. and I just started crying. I keep telling him I’m waiting for my “Proud cousin of an American Soldier” but I have yet to get it. I am very proud of him. I don’t think he looks at it as a selfless act though, and I don’t think that if you asked a soldier why they did it they would look at it like a selfless act. Because then it wouldn’t be…right? I’m talking in circles.

Anyway take some time out of your day today and find a Veteran and say thank you. They didn’t go into the service for any sort of “thank you’s” or great respect. But they deserve both.

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