Wishing for Anonymous Unsolicited Advice

10 Nov

Twitter has opened my world up to a host of brand new blogs and bloggers for me to stalk. This makes me happy, and also keeps me really busy. I barely have time to work on my transcriptions! Today was a little different, it was a boring day on twitter, so I got done with one transcription that I had to re-do because of a low grade. Then I started and finished typing out another one. I know! Amazing right? I didn’t complete it, I was told to type it all out, let it sit, then go back and correct it again. So that’s what I’m doing. Do you know how long it takes me to transcribe a 6 minute talk? A long freaking time! You try it sometime. It’s tougher then you think. I thought when I first started that it would be easy, then I found out that it’s not so easy. I think it’s all the gigantic words doctors use. Whew, where was I headed.
Okay so I was on my blogging wandering and there was one that I like and that I have on my “blogroll” and she had done a vlog. Oooh, I soo want to do this now, because I am a follower! And apparently she said some inflammatory things on this vlog. But the comments, they were so freaking mean! And anonymous people commenting is just ridiculous. Especially when they’re full of unsolicited advise that pertains to nothing really, and is just nasty. I have yet to get an anonymous mean comment, I don’t know what I would do, I think I would laugh, but then on the inside I would be crying. Because I’m a wimp.  I really have no idea where this was going, so uhm I’ll just say, if you have an anonymous comment full of unsolicited advice I will not take the advice. I will probably just laugh, and say “ohh anonymous, your soo silly!”
What I ate yesterday:
no breakfast
Top Ramen
Salad with dressing


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