Ad Ware Makes My Self-Esteem Plummet

09 Nov

I just set up Ad-Ware I think on Friday and already it’s yelling at me that I won’t make any money because I don’t get 1000 visitors a day. Stinking Ad-Ware. Google Ads didn’t make me feel bad! I got kicked off of Google Ads though because I only had two readers, my sister and my friend at the time and they would click 6 to 12 ads at a time and according to Google, that’s cheating or what they call “inaccurate clicks” Whatever Google Ads!
The thing is I don’t want a 1000 readers a day. I like the people that read my blog and I think I’ll stick with them. I’m going for quality not quantity. And this isn’t just to make me feel better about myself, this is about the freedom to say what I want to say and not to worry about people “hating me” or being my “minions.” That word “minion” has been thrown around a lot lately in the blogs that I read and I think it’s funny. Like bloggers are supreme beings. Or wait, popular bloggers, are supreme beings or maybe giant planets and we as non-popular bloggers are their moons.
I also want to say that my friend Leslie is also a contributor on this blog but she doesn’t contribute very often because she feels like she’s a little out of place. Or something like that, I wasn’t paying attention to her when she was talking.
So why the Ads? Because I like to dream people. I like to fantasize that I will have a million followers swooning on my every word and backing up my every thought. I also fantasize that I can sing like Mariah Carey and have the body of Beyonce. But that’s besides the point. I also just got bored the other day and thought I would torture myself by setting up those stinking ads. Oh and I am not supposed to say there is any incentive for people to click my ads, so I’ll just say: “Hey…psssttt…you…you there, click on that ad. JUST ONE THOUGH! I don’t want to get kicked off.” You get nothing in return mind you. Just the satisfaction of getting me 6 pennies. Oh and if I ever get a lot of money, I will get you something pretty. Wait, is that an incentive?! I didn’t say that.
I will promise that I will probably never get to go to
Blogher or any other convention set up for the blogger people because I am NEVER going to be that cool.

Oh and if you’re still with me…Here’s something else completely boring and not really what you want to read:
What I ate yesterday:
2 egg, cheese, polish sausage “breakfast” burritos
2 slices of pepperoni pizza
2 pieces of lemon cake
And around 32 oz of water.
For a “work-out” we walked around PetSmart and Boarders. Shut up.

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