What is Saturday for at your house?

07 Nov

I want Saturday’s to be me sleeping in and not having to listen to my kid from 6am to 8pm. But no I don’t get that. I have to clean. Because Jesse makes me. I hate cleaning, ask my mom about this. I always have. I got stomach aches every time I had to clean my room when I was little.
I did manage to clean up the bathroom counter, it had every single bathroom item on it. I need to do some clearing out of things I don’t use. But in the mean time I just put everything in the cabinate and walked away. I also got asked to wipe the counters off in the kitchen and sweep and mom. I feel like a child some days. I really do. So I still have to sweep and mop, instead I’m blogging. BECAUSE I HAVE TO BLOG EVERY DAY THIS MONTH!!!  I have to!! I signed up on the website! It’s got to be done!
And I’m doing all this while Jesse struggles to put shelves up on a wall with no studs. There’s a lot of knocking going on and a lot of me saying “good luck finding a stud in here, I haven’t found one yet!” oooh burn!  Here’s a picture of him working hard.

Look at that man. There are holes in the wall now, all over the place because he couldn’t find a place to put the screws. He’s having a tough time with these shelves, and I hope I’m giving him enough support.

I’m currently watching a terrible show on A&E. And don’t tell me “oh are there any good shows on there”…because there are! That just might be my next post!
I might just turn this whole blog into lists. Lists for everything!
Give me a topic I’ll make a list!
Oh my God I’m sooo freaking bored today! I really wanted to get out of the house, but Jesse was not taking the hint. We are going out to dinner, which I think is stupid because really do we have to?? But it’s at the Casino, so Barb will get a discount and she’s buying. So we’re not spending money. Unless I can roll Jesse for a twenty and go try and win some money on a nickel slot.
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