The Only Blogger that Didn’t Post about Halloween

01 Nov

That’s right.
I honestly don’t have much to talk about so I don’t really know why I’m posting. It’s kinda like my twitter today. “I’ve got nothin’. Just tweeting because I like to annoy”
So lets see…
I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I never liked going trick-or-treating as a kid because I hated going door-to-door for anything. I was a terrible Girl Scout because of this too. I don’t like knocking, or cold calling or selling of anything. I also had a hard time dressing up for some reason. Except for Wonder Woman but that was because I thought I was Wonder Woman.
Thankfully this didn’t leak onto Oscar who LOVES trick-or-treating. And seemed to always want to get into people’s houses. Oh it was a lot of fun saying “NO! You can’t go in!” The nice thing is that we went with the old neighbors and the boys were really good at introducing him to every person they met.
I don’t really know what I want to blog about but it’s not Halloween. I really want to blog about things that annoy me like the way my boyfriend eats. Or people that say the word Hubby. I hate that word. That is my number one reason that I’m never getting married because I know for sure that someone will ask me “how’s your hubby” and I will have to punch them in the face.
I also would like to say that Ghost Hunting shows really annoy me. Especially Ghost Adventures. I want to yell at the guy to just “Shut up already!” And if I were a ghost I would scratch at him too. It doesn’t quiet him down though. They even made fun of him on The Soup. Which was hilarious, and not so much of a stretch.
I also hate that my Mozilla has this “Getting started button right above the tabs for my other pages so every so often when I try to go back to my first tab I hit the “Getting Started” button and it takes my page to something else. I hate that.

Okay I think I’m calmed down enough to continue on. Or go in another direction.

Switching Directions NOW.

I the other week got tired of our situation with money and got tired of Jesse not wanting to tell me how much his paycheck was and a whole bunch of other things that were bugging me about him and said money situation. I went on line and while on the phone with a friend applied to work at the dreaded Wal-Mart because well there’s no where else here that I could think of that would hire me quickly. So they called me in for an interview and well I pretty much kicked ass and took names. So today they’re checking my “references” which consists of two people. One of my best friends and a former co-worker/friend. My friend called and said they asked her “Does she have violent tendencies?” and I said “You better have lied because I’ll cut you!” hahahaaaa. And so you’re pretty much reading a blog by a person who’s soon to be employed by the devil.
This might manifest into a blog about my awesome working experience. And oh my mother has high hopes. She is of the mind that I will be owning my own Wal-Mart soon. I had to break it to her that this is a temporary stop gap to help with our finances until I can get a job transcribing.
Or I could be running my own Wal-Mart one day….

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