Getting back to it

26 Oct

Well after over a month of not working on my school stuff I’m back to it. I started back up Friday and got done with two transcriptions. I cheated on one but the other one I did myself. It was short and simple. I’m working up to the hard ones. I’m going to do the assignment today, I really have to get going on this because I really need a job. This being poor is not working for us anymore.
We’re settling in and Oscar has finally stopped saying “I wanna go home” all the time, which is nice. I’m liking the kitchen a lot more then our old one. There’s WAY more room. I miss my office, but this is alright because I can have Oscar in here to watch TV while I play work on the computer.
I really don’t have much to say today. My brain is feeling clogged up and not willing to spit anything out.
So I’ll leave you with that.
And a quick update on my dad.
He had to get a bone marrow biopsy and they’ll have the results of that on Wednesday. His oncologist, according to my mom, wasn’t all that worried about “the mass” and his cracked ribs but did put him back on the bone strengthener. So my mom is relieved. I’m waiting till Wednesday to be relieved.

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Posted by on October 26, 2009 in cancer, Class, moving


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