Moving sucks.

20 Oct

I grew up in one house. I never moved. My oldest sister was the only one that moved. Once mom and dad found their home in our little town they never left. I didn’t start moving around until college. Then it started just with moving from dorm to home then to a new dorm. Junior year I lived with my uncle in his apartment, then senior year I moved into a house with two friends. After senior year I stayed in that house for a little while longer then moved into another house after my friend moved out of Spokane. After that I moved home to my mom and dad’s. I tried to move out while living in my home town but that proved disastrous because I moved in with a meth head. I didn’t know she was a meth head until after I moved in. So I moved back with my mom and dad. Then I met Jesse and well four months into the relationship I was pregnant and we figured “well we better move in together.” So we did and the day before we got the place, I had a miscarriage, but it didn’t stop us from moving in together. Okay so lets see I’m up to uhm well we’ll start after college…4 places. So after six months of living together in our hometown we moved here to Spokane. First place sucked. Second place was okay, but the roommate situation wasn’t the best. Then I was pregnant and we moved in with my aunt and uncle for a little bit because we couldn’t afford to live on our own. After that we moved into the “rent-controlled” apartments. Lived in one for almost a year, then moved next door. Okay so that’s 9 places. Then finally we found our last place that I LOVED and will always love. And then we had to move here. To a small little house with no privacy from a parent and ugh. The last place was the longest I’ve lived somewhere since college. I know that people do this a lot, but I didn’t. I don’t like it. And especially since we had found such an ideal neighborhood and a good house. So now the plan is to stay here for 2 years and what if I get used to it here?! I want to have a place and just live. I’m tired of packing up everything and doing all this crap. It exhausts me.
So here we are in the new house, and according to Jesse we will not be moving again for at least two years. If all goes to plan that is…and if this house doesn’t go into forclosure. I can get used to it here. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to like living with his mother but I guess I can deal with it.
Okay so are you ready for some bad pictures? Here goes!

This is the new living room, well part of it. I don’t have a wide angle lens on my camera phone.
The wood stove that is doing all the work at the moment because the furnace is d-e-d dead. And well now we have to wait to see what the owner wants to do. Fix it or replace it, but either way we have to wait for it. Ahh so nice winter hasn’t set in yet.
This is a pond in the back yard. The tiny backyard. I’m going to eventually post picture of this back yard and our old one to show the difference. Oh and Oscar has already jumped into this slimy pit…
Aaanndd the haunted shed. That Jesse’s mom wants to keep forever for some reason and I say get rid of it to make more room for the back yard, but guess who wins? Oh yeah the mom, because well she’s mommy! Ugh. It’s such wasted space!
And here’s my office/closet. See that printer? Yeah it won’t work with my computer. So now I have to set up my old dinosaur computer to use to print things, but it’s alright because I can use it for musics too, instead of infecting my lappy with all sorts of crap.
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