Learning from other Blogs

19 Oct

I’m learning as I go here. Well I’ve been “blogging” for a little while. Almost four years I think. I know that’s not as long as some out there, but long for me. But mostly it’s just been a journal for me and some family members. Anyway as time has gone on and I have found other blogs I am amazed at how juvenile my blog is. How terrible my pictures are. Now this is not me fishing for complements, this is just my brain. I’m giving you a peek…ha…well see my brain always compares me to everyone else around me. And for some reason my brain always has me coming up short. It’s just the way it is. I’ve never been number one. I tried working on this with my counselor but apparently I was “fixed” because I stopped crying at every session. Ahhh how the brain likes to trick me. Anyway, I’m finding new blogs here and there and most of them I like. You can look to your left and see a good list of blogs that I read and like a lot. I have found some new one just recently that have been around for YEARS but they’re new to me.
What I have noticed is that I am poor. I can’t afford to get my own website. I can’t afford an awesome camera to take pictures. I can’t afford to have photo shop on my computer to fix those pictures. So here I am, just typing. And hoping that someone out there is reading.
Something else that I have found is that you can tell who likes who. There is a big sense of the “cool” crowd and the “rebel” or as we called them in high school “the stoner” group. I liked all groups. I flitted around and didn’t really care. The stoners were okay with me, and the preppy kids liked me too I guess. Anyway point being I found one blog and I don’t know if I want to be specific or not but MAN! I could instantly tell what blogs “they” followed, without looking at “their” blog roll. I knew right away just from the pictures, because they looked oddly photoshoppy familiar. And I thought to myself…hmmmm…how do they do that with their pictures?? No I answered myself pretty quickly with the photoshop answer.
It makes me wonder, because I have been on both sides of the fence with these “groups” even though I’m what is known as a “lurker” and probaby a “stinkin new kid” but… There are some blogs that I like and some I don’t. There are blogs that I no longer follow because well one because the woman was always talking about how fat she was when in her pictures she looked a size two…dude. I don’t care about fat skinny whatever. Don’t tell me some kid asked you if you’re pregnant when you’re a size two. That didn’t happen. And if it did, if that kid ever saw me he’d think “man! are you two people?!” Another for a host of reasons none of which I will get into because I don’t want to appear to be a uhm well attention whore, because when you mention said blogger that’s what people accuse you of, that or “jealous.” Which I am…definitely jealous, because if I lived where she did I would be close to one of my very best friends/roommate. And if I were her I would have lots of money, which as I have and will mention A LOT I don’t have a lot of money.
moving on!
I like blogs that you can have conversations with people. I would like this to go that route eventually. I like topic starters and like to have lots of contributions from people. In essence I like banter. I don’t like when the person who wrote the blog writes then never says anything else till the next blog. I think you should occasionally comment back. I think in my last post that I had to, because once people started commenting I kept saying “OH I remember another name that I hate!” And wanted to add more to my post.
I don’t understand “give-away blogs” at all. I mean really? You give shit away? That’s never going to happen on this blog. I don’t have the money. (Another day another post)
People talk about going to conventions like blogging is the new Amway. I will probably never understand it. Will I get to see my favorite bloggers in person? Probably never. Although I have found a blogger with the same last name as mine. Which is amazing to me. What is sad is that I commented and pointed that out and I got nothing. Gave me a flash back to high school and pointing out to someone I was playing basketball against that she had the same shoes as me, and she didn’t respond so I knocked her to the ground as much as possible during the game…but I digress. Seriously if someone EVER comes to my blog saying “I have the same last name/first name/middle name whatever to me I will definitely respond. Most likely by saying STOP STEALING MY IDENTITY! Because it’s a crappy identity. And then I will kindly ask them to clean up my credit for me.
Okay so point of this post is that I like that there are millions of blogs out there because there are enough to love and not love. Follow and not follow. Make fun of and copy.
If you blog…do it for the reasons that you want. And if you read mine, please be gentile. I’ve already beat myself up enough. Oh and if you wanna be mean well it better be for good reasons. Like I made fun of your grandmother or something. Or I will start a page just for mean comments about me. And not make any money off of it. Because google kicked me off of ad sense.

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