Baby Names I could do with out.

18 Oct

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, because well it’s kinda mean. And judgemental. But I’m feeling mean and judgemental. Things are going on in my brain that are making me crazy and hating life, so I have to take it out on people I don’t know about what they name their kids…First off throw a stone back at me because I named my son Oscar. I wanted to name him Samuel Oscar, but I had to switch it because his dad’s last name starts with a B, and one of my best friends told me “YOU CAN NOT GIVE YOUR SON THE INITIALS S.O.B.” So I switched. I love it. I don’t hear it very often yet it’s not something silly. Plus it’s a family name. My grandpa who I love had a brother named Oscar. So go ahead tell me your dog’s name is Oscar, I’ve heard it before. You know how many pug dogs are named Oscar? A MILLION!
First off I have to go after people who spell common names funny. I could have gone and spelled Oscar like this: Oskar, to be cool and different, and then I thought, wait, it’s already different enough. Just because every other kid has that name doesn’t mean you have to spell it different to be different. If there are too many people with the same name and you don’t like it, don’t name your kid that.
Here’s a list of names that I’ve compiled that I think are dumb silly. In MY OPINION!
I dunno it just sounds silly to me.
I know, I know, someone just named their baby this, but REALLY? Have you heard of Sailor Moon? It’s anime…
I also saw it spelled Cinsere, wow.
If you look close…it’s U.S. Navy. Awesome
I think it’s just because I don’t like Brody Jenner all that much. But really Bro really.
Rowan what?? a boat?
Ever Rowan
Someone I kinda know of was seriously going to name a little girl this.
Summer Buhreeze
I can’t remember where I saw this one, but yes that’s how they spelled Breeze…
Poppy Honey
I think Leslie just made this up.
Famous People are silly…
Poet or Poem,
 I can’t remember which one it was that the crazy hippy named him. HIM…
from that new show The Middle. I like the show, just not the names…
Seriously people, just because your famous
Zowie Bowie (David Bowie…really? Really…)
Alexis (Like Kanye says “couldn’t afford one so you called your daughter alexis)
Alize…like the cheep malt liquor…awesome!
ick, I don’t know it just sounds lame to me.
Right up there with Speed.
I think the weirdest name though has to be Pilot Inspektor…or however he spells it.


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