The Energy Drink Made Me Do It!

12 Oct

I’m still kinda mad that I can’t find the stinking spell check button on here. WAITASECOND! There’s one on my google tool bar!! Sweet! Now I can type with ease knowing that if I  make a mistake you won’t see it!
Okay so I think I’m not so mad anymore. I hope to not have outbursts like that again. And I’m hoping you won’t hold it against me.
Mom was in town and when she’s in town that means a trip to CostCo on dad’s card…It doesn’t mean we get whatever we want. But my sister and I did pull the “If she gets it I get it too!!!!” Yes we are both over 30. So we passed by all the samples because we were hungry, and tell me you don’t eat the samples, and I’ll call you a liar. LIAR! Anyway, sorry, so we went by a sampling of an “all natural energy drink powder” and we tried it and the lady talked us/mom into getting some. It’s almost all vitamin B. And it took drinking two the day before yesterday, two yesterday, and one this morning to give me EXTRA energy. I think yesterday I was almost normal levels but I still wanted a nap. The thing about the energy drink is that it doesn’t give my body energy, it makes my brain go a mile a minute. And I think that’s why I snapped the other day. My brain was going and going and going, and with people being silly on the web made me a little crazy.
The good news is that today I feel up to actually doing homework. I just don’t know when I’ll be able to do it, because Jesse is actually working today. I did want to get up and exercise, but I didn’t. I watched a little bit of TV, cleaned the kitchen for the first time in 4 days. No it hasn’t been dirty for that long, I just left it to the two other adults in the family…I didn’t feel like doing it.

So is it my/our responsibility to take a pet that isn’t really “ours” to the pound when we and the pet owner can’t have it anymore? Can I be anymore vague? Okay here…take two…
When Jesse’s mom moved in she had a dog and a cat. We have a big back yard. This was okay. Even though on our lease it says no pets, we’ve broken our agreement on several levels. One by letting someone else live with us without putting them on the lease, and two by having pets. Whatever…like no one else has ever done this. So now that we’re moving to a much smaller house, with a backyard that doesn’t have a complete fence she has decided that we can’t keep the dog. (I’m jumping up and down on the inside.) So we put him up on Craigslist and haven’t had any takers. So now…we have to take him to the humane society… and we I mean, well not her. Because “I can’t handle it.” And I’m saying “it’s YOUR dog!” But Jesse has already said “yes.” So today she gets a hold of the H.S. and finds out when and how much and all and then says “Can you do this today?” I am not going to take MY CHILD and YOUR dog to the H.S. it’s not my problem. I will not break my son’s heart by dropping the dog that he has grown to love off. I do not think it’s my responsibility. I seriously don’t think it is. I can just see me trying to fill out paper work with the dog that does not do well on a leash that weighs at least 80lbs and a 3 year old terror crying because we have to leave his best friend at a pound. I don’t even know what to tell him when someone else does it. Let alone leave it up to ME! So I told her. “Well if Jesse gets home he can do it.” and she says “Well I think it should be done today.” If she wants it done today, maybe she should do it herself right? Am I a bitch? I’m already upset about this whole moving thing, that we’re doing mainly for HER to get HER closer to work, and lower the “rent” for HER. Oh and don’t get me started on keeping that damn ugly ass useless shed around at the new place. Ugh. I don’t like having to compete with another woman in my man’s life. But that is what it has come down to. I’m getting pushed aside by another woman. And little known fact about me. I only like competition when I’m playing basketball. I will step aside…I already feel like I’ve been replaced on many fronts…I’m feeling that rage again…
So really should it be up to US, Jesse and I to have to take her dog to the pound, because she “just can’t take it.”?

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Posted by on October 12, 2009 in family, moving


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