Am I a pedophile?

22 Sep

I keep putting off my other blog idea because things keep coming to mind that are a little funnier and less uhm hard to talk about.
I have overdosed on caffeine this morning. *Note to self: Do not drink two cups of coffee when you don’t consume caffeine on a regular basis* I’m all shaky and I’m watching the View.

Okay so the question: Am I a pedophile? On the View they were talking about this woman ( man who got their kids taken away from them for a month after a employee at WalMart turned them in for bath time pictures. Uhm, thank GOD I took my pictures to CostCo! I had a picture, edited and I think one that wasn’t developed at CostCo last year of Oscar in the bath. But now I’m scared!! My kid refuses to wear clothes, and I have tons of pictures of him! Swinging from a tree is the most recent one. Riding on his bike with only his helmet on. Hanging out on the couch, with only band aids on his un-hurt legs. Not to mention the multiple bathtub pictures. It could be considered animal/kiddy pron because the cat is in the picture…
We’ve gone to FAR! Sure the guy was suspicious but really? I know that pedophiles take many shapes and sizes but to take away their kids, and to get suspended from work for it is RE-GOD-DAMNED-DICULOUS. It makes me sick. They waste all this time on a family, breaking them apart and damaging them maybe permanently for what?!
There are so many injustices in this world, but I think this might top them for me, because it hits so close to home. I’m not afraid of taking the pictures but I am editing them before I put them on my facebook page…

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Posted by on September 22, 2009 in Facebook, stay at home mom


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