In need of a "palet cleanser" STAT!

09 Sep

We watch The Soup a lot. And now they have Web Soup on G4Tv that we have to watch, and they show “The Greatest Web Video Ever. (this week)” and usually its gross. So they have “The Palet Cleanser” which is usually a cute animal video. Last time I watched the palate cleanser was a dog riding in a kiddy swing. IT WAS ADORABLE! So this leads me to this…

My sister posted a video on Facebook of a guy getting a zit, or a boil, rather popped on his back. I gagged. Seriously I turned around and gagged. Jesse lasted a whole 30 seconds and had to walk out of the room, he came back just in time to see a stream of puss getting squeezed out and shuddered violently and ran out.
Please if you have a weak stomach like I do, be careful watching this:

and when your done…watch this:

Ahh now don’t you feel better?

So I had an intervention on my self today. That’s right I intervened myself. I went on Facebook, yes before I got done with homework, and deleted my Vampire Wars game. And then I went on to delete all, ALL, the friends that I made playing the game, because really they weren’t “friends” in the strictest sense of the word. But it made me anxious for some reason, and I even feel anxious when I talk about it, which is odd. The only thing is now that I only have 124 friends, I’m bored, and the other games that I play suck now because I don’t have as many friends, so I’m kinda regretting deleting them all. But! I know that if I just deleted the game the comments about the game would suck me back in so I had no choice.

Okay so my goals…I did not get off my butt today. I didn’t. I’m sorry. I did eat, a little less, then yesterday. I had no soda. But this isn’t hard for me really, because I don’t leave the house much its really relying on Jesse to get me the soda, and well if I tell him not to once he won’t ever get it for me. But I did spend less time on Facebook today. LESS. And tomorrow it might be even lesser! Oh! I got one assignment done. I didn’t do too bad on it either. I’m thinking I’ll do another one tonight. I don’t want to get to crazy. So! For tomorrow!

1. GET OFF MY BUTT AND DANCE! or do the Wii Active, that’s why I stole it from my sister in the first place.
2. Get ALL of my assignments done.

I think that’s it. I’m thinking if I stick to a couple goals a day I’ll do better in the long run.
Oh, the herbal uppers…its just a lot of Vitamin B. And Niacin. I don’t know if they’re working or not, it takes me a bit to adjust to them, a while back I was drinking EmergenC three times a day and it took I think three days for me to get any energy out of it, I think because my body is so depleted of any sort of goodness that it takes a bit for it to get an excess so I can have that energy.

I watched the Presidents speech tonight, I liked how he laid the smack down. It was good, but the thing that I don’t like is everyone is always talking about the insurance companies. Yes they are bad, BUT if the damn hospitals and doctors didn’t charge so damned much maybe we wouldn’t have to have expensive insurance to cover our asses. I was a little worried early on in the speech how he said that we would “all have to have insurance, like car insurance.” And to that I say UHHH wha?! Just to be clear though he did state later that if you can’t afford it you will get it for free or for less money. That made me breath again. Because if I can’t afford car insurance, I just don’t freaking drive! Plus how are they going to know if you have health insurance or not? I mean if you never go to the doctor why have it? Yes I know for accidents but like Chris Rock says “its in case shit happens” I think that’s bullshit. I think that there should be automatic coverage for everyone, with out charging us. Because we’re in the position right now that we can’t even afford $20 extra dollars a month. So if the heath insurance that WE HAVE TO HAVE is more then that, well take us to jail! The thing is Jesse hasn’t been covered by insurance his whole life, and I think he’s been to the doctor oohhh NEVER in the past 6 years. God knows the guy probably has stomach and mouth cancer from the chew but he hasn’t complained yet! So I think that his insurance should be a lot less then someone like myself who was having to go to the doctor every three months just to chit chat about my depression. The WHOLE health care system here is BROKEN. Not just the Insurance. Heath Care is broken. And needs to be fixed.

Can you believe all the topics I’m covering?! I’m all over the map tonight!

Jesse applied for a security job today, lets hope they ask him to come in before they reject him. I got word from my neighbor that the bank that her sister works at might be hiring soon and if so she is going to put in a good word for me with her boss. Part time, three days a week. That will do!

You know what happens when you stop paying your credit card bills? You get 15 calls a day from an “unknown” number, that will not leave a message. They don’t get it, I know why they’re calling, if they’d leave a message and tell me who they are I might give them a call back. Okay that’s a lie, I won’t, because you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, and when your rent is $1050 a month and your man is only bringing in well not much more then that, you tend to say “hmm, get kicked out of my house or put my phone on vibrate so I don’t have to hear credit card companies calling me?” The only bills we have been paying are: Rent, electric, water, sewer, car payment, and car insurance. And had we been smart in the past well that’s all we would have to pay but nooo we said “You’ll still have work Jesse! You’ll still be making $2700 a month in a couple months!” Boy were we wrong!
So! This is why I need to get done with my classes. And I need to get a good job that pays me a decent enough wage to be able to pay all the bills at which time will have all gone to those damn evil collections companies who are usually assholes. But! I will pay them! One day! Hopefully soon! We’re hoping and praying, well I’m praying, you know Jesse doesn’t do that, but anyway that he gets a job that is CONSISTANT! That’s all we need, consistancy.

Alright I think I’m done for the evening. Enough randomness for you all? Good!

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