Dirrty, and other Photos

27 Aug
I take pictures of Oscar all the time. Just not with a very good camera. I know I should have one of those fancy 10 megapixle cameras like everyone else, but all I have is my phone. And my camera that I got for getting pregnant from my mom. Which for some reason I barely use, probably because it won’t fit in my pocket as well as my phone does. So here goes…Here’s some pictures I’ve posted on Facebook and now posting on here!
That is a peice of rug from outside, he and Otis like to pack it around and play with it. Apparently he had to show it to me for this picture. And it took me forever to get him to look at me. See how dirty my kid is?! And yes he’s naked. He’s naked pretty much all day everyday as soon as he gets up. I have no idea what we’re going to do in winter. Or school, once he goes to school!

This is Oscar hugging Otis before bed time. He has to give Otis “love” every night, you can’t see Otis’s head because Oscar has him in a typical headlock.
I didn’t tell him to put his hands up like that I swear! He did it on his own. I don’t know who’s teaching him those things!
So there you have it. Just a couple pictures for now.
Side note. First assingment came back…yuck. That’s all I’m saying for right now.
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