Already Ahead of Schedule!!

24 Aug

So I set my schedule yesterday. I decided to just tackle the terminology for the chapter today, and I did that, then I moved on and I did my assignment for the day, that I want to turn in but I can’t until they grade my other assignment. So I did two other elective assignments while waiting. I keep looking on my page to see if they’ve graded yet but they haven’t. I’m mad. I’m mad like this: ggggggrrrrrrrr! if I could make an angry little face I would.
My shoulders still hurt, I think I hunch over too much with out noticing. I think its because I lean back in my chair too. Its an automatic thing.

Barb had her first day at work, and she came home so happy it was rediculous. She was a regular chatty cathy! All the way home telling us what happened and how wonderful this casino is compared to the one in Burns. She reminds me of a kid most of the time. She’s so wonderful. She even missed me and Oscar even though she had so much fun at work. I missed her. I didn’t have near the amount of time on the computer as usual. Which is probably a good thing. Vampire Wars is getting updated a lot lately so its slow. And I’m getting mad at the game because people are attacking me so often that I don’t have enough time to attack anyone to get my stats up. They keep knocking me down.

Thanks to Amber by the way for starting to “follow” me. I’m feeling less losery by the day!

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Posted by on August 24, 2009 in Class, Vampires


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