Setting a Schedule

23 Aug

I’ve decided I better start living by a schedule with my course. This last one is tough and if I had my way I would just not do it it all, but I need to get it done. I have a tough schedule to keep. I’m going to get done with an entire book in a month. Okay HOPEFULLY. I’m going to see how well I do with this first one. Actually its the 5 lesson, and its taken me a week or two to get there. I think it has anyway, the last couple weeks have gone by too fast for me to tell really.
Oscar keeps coming into the office every so often to do a little dance to what’s playing on my itunes and then leaving again. He’s currently wearing a pair of pants that are way too big for him. I think they’re for 5 year olds. But he likes them so why not. He was also previously dragging a piece of paper hooked to a leash calling it a puppy. Already with a good imagination! He’s started giving his cars voices now, he likes to make them talk to each other. “Hi Speed Racer, what you doing?” “CRASH!”
Sorry for that side step. Back to me!
I cleaned my office up today. Again, I think I cleaned it last week, I had to again today though, because last night I made a card for Leslie finally. And my office looked like paper exploded. Then I put up posters to try and cover up the white walls. If I can’t have paint then I’ll have pretty pictures. I signed up for a poster thing on the net a long time ago, bad mistake because it made my credit card go over the limit, but good idea because I really like the posters. I also have posters from a “manga” of Jesse’s that I’m tempted to put up. I like the style of Anime, its interesting, sure its a cartoon but its still pretty artsy.
My left arm keeps going numb. I should get this looked at I think, and before the end of the month because apparently the state didn’t get my paper work I turned in and now they’re kicking me off at the end of the month, unless I can get through their phone system tomorrow and tell them that they made a mistake and I DID get my paper work in on time. Its not so much my arm but just mostly my left hand. Which is not good because I love my left hand. I can’t live with out my left hand. I haven’t noticed any other changes in it though. I’m wondering if I have a pinched nerve somewhere. Or a collapsed vein. My upper back is all funky, and my shoulders are too, somethings going on. I need better posture and to maybe stay off the computer. I think I’m on here 6 hours a day at least. And really, I’m not doing anything at all. I’m just dicking around on Facebook all day. Terrible. And writing a blog that no one reads. That’s always good. Yes Amber I know you read it! You need to sign up for blogger so you can follow me!! So I at least have 2 followers. I’m so lame.
I’ve been up since 7 and this day has drug on terribly slow. Its only 11:20am and it feels like it should be 2 at least.

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