21 Aug

I’m trying to decide if I want to post my blog website on Facebook or not. Its not like expect EVERY one of my friends to come and read my blog but that’s what I’m afraid of. I’m scared that people will come here and read and not like what they read, and or get pissed about what I say. Sometimes I like to ramble on about things and bitch about situations and I don’t mean to make anyone mad. I’m just venting. This said I would like more people to read my blog.
I would like to become more of a better blogger too though. I would like to have well thought out blogs that have more pictures and more of a flow then just a stream of consciousness. I want to start researching my topics and posting Internet links to things that I’ve read. But then again I’m lazy and I just want to type whatever comes into my brain….

So! I did my first assignment that I could not cheat on for my Medical Transcription course. I’m sitting with bated breath waiting for them to get back to me to tell me I was a colossal failure and that I should quit now. I’m such a good self motivator! Is that the right phrase? hmm. Maybe I’m really good at talking myself down so when I do get the grade I will be pleasantly surprised.
I dunno though, it scares me because I don’t know exactly how to do everything. I have a problem with that. I have to know EXACTLY what I’m doing on something, or I worry that I’ve done it all wrong. And with this they don’t have a “set form” for the stuff that I’m transcribing, so its basically up to me on how to set up all the words on paper.

Did you know that Transcribing is a lot harder then it sounds? I can type fast, but you know that people talk WAY faster then anyone can type? Your brain just doesn’t just automatically take those spoken words and put them into your finger tips. It takes a lot to get there! I know its going to take a lot of practice for me to get my speed up. Right now I’m working on just getting the stinking words! I honestly think that some of these “doctors” on the CD that I’m listening to just make up words for fun. “hmm lets try…edemanocyanosis…yeah that sounds like a good one!” I swear to god the guy said that word, and is it any medical dictionary that I have? Nope…it wasn’t on the online that I found either. The two words fit the discription… edema and cyanosis, and the o is the connector vowel…but I can’t find the stinking word anywhere! So now I’m waiting, and waiting impatently at that for my assignment to come back to me so I can see what I did wrong. I have to get a 70% or above to move on to the next one. On the other ones that I could self grade, I got 80% and above, with out cheating I swear! On one of them I only missed one word! Because again, I couldn’t understand the “doctor.”

Twitter has to be one of the most annoying things in the whole world. Honestly. I don’t understand it, I don’t get if you “reply” to people if they actually can see it or if they have to go to your “twitter” to see the reply. I don’t really know why I’m on there anyway, except to amuse myself, and I’m failing to do that. So I think with that, I’m done with twitter. Unless I get like a million followers overnight. ha! 😉

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