Back to the Lighter Side of Me.

18 Aug

So Oscar is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. He has to watch it all day long. I put it on in my bedroom so if I want to watch tv I can. Anyway this DVD that we have is titled “Dirty Percy” Do you have any idea where this is going? Oh its going to Awesomeville…I asked Oscar “who’s that?” Refering to Percy. And he says “Duddy Puthy” say it outloud for me. Okay I’ll wait for the laughter. Are you laughing? Because I was peeing my pants. I’m a terrible mother! All day today I kept asking him to say Dirty Percy. And laughing hysterically. We’re going to call Jesse’s brother and say “This is what Oscar thinks about your girl friend “duty puthy'” HAHAHAHHAAA I’m terrible. Horrid aweful mother. But I’m laughing!

I have to tell you something. I did something strange today. I got on to Twitter! I am now Tweeting. And not just serious things, mostly just random stuff that pops into my head. I’m like that dad on the Verizon commercial. “Yeah dad I know your on the patio” Yup that’s me. Its funny, but I had to have help to find people to follow. I was being followed…by spammers. YIKES! They kept asking me to view their picts! I don’t want to look at your pictures!

I had a headache all day long the other day. A knock me on my ass all day headache. I don’t get those. The weird thing was that two weeks ago, my neice had a headache and was vomiting over here, and then the next day her brother started puking and had a headache. Then I think the next day Oscar was puking. I don’t know if he had a headache or not, he had a fever though, 2 year olds don’t know what headaches are to tell you. Anyway so then two weeks late I’m struck down by the same damn headache!! I didn’t puke though only because I stayed still and refused to puke. I don’t puke. So I got over it, yesterday was kinda rough, but today I’m back up to speed. I did try to do some transcribing but they don’t give me any kind of form to follow and just vauge references to some sort of formating. So I have no idea how to format any of it. I keep re-reading my book and it really doesn’t tell me anything and the “examples” they have don’t fit with with the dictation sounds like. So I’m confused. I’m going to have to either email someone or call it in. I don’t want to email really because the last people I had to email were kinda rude, I don’t know if its just email talk or what but it came off as rude to me.

Anyway! I think I’m all done for the night. I’ve played as many rounds of Vampires as possible. That might be my next topic. “Games on Facebook.” I’m considering it. That or “My friend V might be a spy and just not telling me.” Or both who knows!

Love Peace and Chicken Grease!

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