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14 Aug

I don’t know if its creeping back in or what, but I’m having a hard time focusing on things and or staying on topic lately. Not that I don’t want to get my class done right now but I really don’t want to work on it. I’m on the chapter now that I actually have to start transcribing and I’m petrified of it. I have refused all week to work on it. Terrible. I want to use the excuse of “I’m coming down with something” but really that shouldn’t stop this. My left tonsil feels like its going to explode. Or cut of my air way. I don’t know which at the moment.
I was thinking of all the things I could start blogging about that would actually keep someone’s interest. And then they all went out of my brain and I can’t think of them anymore. I do have to say one thing though, my obsession with Facebook has gotten to a point where I can’t stand certain people and what they post. I want to un-friend them because of their political views. That being said I don’t think politics has a place on Facebook. Its a place for friends really, and some people should not try and start political debates on FB because they’re not very smart about politics. I don’t start shit because I don’t know shit. And I know someone is going to know more then me and put me in my place eventually. But I’m tired of all these right wing assholes thinking that just because President Obama said something about wanting change and it hasn’t happened YET that he needs to be voted out of office RIGHT NOW. Do people not understand that change takes time? And its only been a little over 7 months since the man got into office and he has to deal with some shit? Oh and the fact that its not JUST his decision. You know he has to deal with Congress and the Senate and ohhh the Voting Public too right?! And just because you don’t understand his take on health care reform doesn’t automatically make him a socialist. And I hate that people are likening him to Hitler. HITLER…seriously? And if you don’t want health care because “I don’t want my government running my health care” then you should vote to get rid of Medicare, and Medicaid right? I’m on state health insurance and I have yet to have a problem. Oh wait there has been one hiccup…my doctor no longer takes Asuris so I would have to switch to Molina, if I want to keep him as a doctor. So my choice, change my insurance or change my doctor. I have yet to decide, I like my insurance better then my Old Man Doctor. Who every time I go in to see him looks at me like I’m a wilting flower. Soo I think I’m leaning towards NEW DOCTOR! Anyway the thing is the whole reason we need health care reform is because most people can’t afford insurance. And if they have insurance its expensive and in the long run doesn’t really help, because you have co-pays and deductibles and certain things aren’t covered. Oh and you know what I love?! I LOVE when the people who are criticizing heath care reform post these little things on FB that want you to sign a FB petition about getting coverage for people who are prone to breast cancer. Wait. Does that make sense? They don’t want the government impeding on THEIR health care, yet they want to send in a petition for people who MIGHT get breast cancer? People are re-tarded. I just wish they would use common sense. That’s all this is. Common sense!
Heath care hits close to home for several reasons. Jesse has never had health insurance his whole life. Yes his mom paid out of pocket for everything if needed. His shoulder has been ‘bugging’ him for at least 2 years now. Will we be able to afford to get him in and possibly be told he needs surgery? NOOO. Jesse’s mom is going through pre-menopause and has a huge hormonal imbalance going on right now. She can’t afford the hormone pills. Or the doctor’s visits, she also needs to just get a hysterectomy, but, even if she COULD get insurance, she gets denied because she’s HAD cervical cancer! YAY FOR INSURANCE!! I’m waiting for the day that the state kicks me off of the health care, and I hope to god I stay healthy for a little while after that. And I thank the State of Washington for covering my son, no matter what while he is still young. And hopefully when I do get working again I will have health care, that is REASONABLE. That’s all I want. I want something that doesn’t cost $1000 a month with $50 co-pays and $500 deductibles. That’s ridiculous. That’s more then ridiculous, its BULLSHIT. The insurance system as is…is BULLSHIT. And it needs an overhaul. Of any sort. And I don’t care what anyone says, I would love LOVE to live in Canada, where you get medical care when you need it. And the bull shit TV add that I saw about some lady having to come to America because Canada wouldn’t help her. I just want to know how much she had to PAY for that surgery here. Because that’s what it comes down to. Sure they’ll give you care, but HOW much is it going to cost YOU? My dad had to have a t-cell transplant. 1 million dollars, right before that my mom’s insurance got switched to another provider. They had to fight to get him covered for that. He had to have it. He wouldn’t be here today with out that transplant. They still had to pay out a butt-load after what insurance covered. My mom’s insurance payment is almost half of her check every month. For two people. TWO PEOPLE! She pays almost $1000 a month for insurance, yet they won’t cover her hormone treatments for menopause, nope she has to pay for those pills out of pocket…$500 a month. And if she doesn’t take them, well she’ll either kill someone or kill herself.
So much for blogging block! whewh. I’m spent. I need to get off this computer and go to bed.
That’s my rant. I think I’m done.

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