Waiting on Saturday

10 Jun

I’m meeting Leslie in Bend on Saturday to spend a couple weeks with her and well I guess her family too…but mostly just her. I’m excited, and I almost want to start walking now. I’m sure I’d get there by Saturday if I started walking…I can just see me and Oscar walking all the way to Eugene! ha! I’d make it down the block and have to turn around because I’d be too tired.

My mom is realizing how busy Oscar is, its like no one believes me that he’s always going. She did this last time we were here too, when she had to watch him for over 5 minutes. This time she lost him in a matter of 2 minutes. They went in the front door, he went racing out the back and by the time she looked he was running down the road naked. I wasn’t surprised. She then told me to wait till he was 7 to have another one. Who says I’m having any more?! Ohh but he’s such a happy boy!! That’s what I get in public…The lady at the Win-Co that we go to all the time loves him, and said “You get the good one first.” Uhm if he’s the good one I don’t want a second. That might kill me. So now her advise is “wait” uhhh duh mom! That’s why I got an IUD!
She told me to wait till he’s 7 because by then I will have grown to apreciate his busyness…and if I have another one too soon it will take away from Oscar. I don’t think I’m a multiple child mother…

Its been nice to be back here, my brother has been keeping me busy and I’m not too terribly bored. It has yet to be sunny and nice though here…I went from 80 degrees to 60s…I don’t like it, especially because all I packed was shorts and t-shirts for Oscar. My sister in law has clothes that she has to go through to give us, because my brother’s boy is 6 months older then Oscar but in almost size 5 clothes somehow. They’re parents that think their kid is bigger then he really is. He was in size 6 diapers at 12 months old…that sort of thing, where I had Oscar in 4s almost till he was 2. Oh and they’re already potty training their girl who’s 1 and a half…Oscar has yet to be potty trained. I know!! Every kid is different!! I think its my competative personality, they bug me because it seems like they’re trying to make their kids better then mine, but again it just might all be in my head.

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