The Irresistible Draw of Facebook

09 Jun

That word just doesn’t look right…
I have a love hate thing going on with Facebook, it has become an addiction while I’m here at mom’s because the computer is in the middle of everything so I know exactly where Oscar is at all times…ha…well unless he goes outside. But anyway, I like Facebook like I liked MySpace, so I’m sure this love affair will come to an end here shortly. They have quizzes made by Junior High kids like MySpace, they have gardens you can grow and make friends, they have a world where you can get a job and buy things…all the same as MySpace. I’m already bored. I thought it was the “grown up version of MySpace” or was I just dreaming? The better thing is that I have found more people from High School on Facebook then M.S. But do I really want to have those friends? And are they annoyed with how often I post my mood swings?? My insecurities get the best of me at these times. I want to be done with it but then what am I going to go on the computer all day?! If I would just do what my mom says and just follow my kid around all day I would have stuff to do, but I get worn out doing that. She really doesn’t get how busy he is…But again, it would be a good weight loss program.
Speaking of weight loss…my baby brother made me go for a walk yesterday and then made me go play basketball with our nephews, who insisted on playing one on one with me…Yeah I almost died. But its a good death. I’m slowly losing the weight that the IUD put on me. Thank goodness it was only 5lbs and not 50!! My hormones are leveling off again and I’m feeling more normal and not so hungry all the time, and I’m not stuffing myself at meal times again.

While I love being at home here with my family at times I don’t feel like I should be here, I guess that’s a thing about growing up…I get to thinking about my place in the family and what my roll is. And honestly I don’t know what it is…I wonder if that’s part of the “middle child syndrome”.

Everyone keeps telling Leslie and I that we need to write a book while we have some time together…We’re just at a loss as to what we would write about and if anyone would read it, because usually our humor doesn’t exend much further then ourselves. We will laugh forever about something but others will only look at us like we have three heads…So really what would we write that would actually make us millionaires. And don’t tell us Vampires!!

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