Bi-Polar? Shhmaybe!!

06 Jun

Okay I’m going to sound totally crazy and a little bi-polar because today I am WONDERFUL!! The roommates are kicked out I’m in Burns visiting family…I would say “mom” like I usually do but she’s not here she’s in Bend with my Gramps…
Anyway! So the roommates got kicked out last Monday, after a big fight between a little dude who would only say “Its common sense!” and Jesse who was ready to kick his ass. It all started when: (picture gets fuzzy and starts shimmering) Jesse got tired of cleaning up dishes after the roommates and put one of their pans at the top of the stairs so they could take it down and let it get moldy down there. Fast forward to a couple hours later…Younger Duchebag and Girlfriend come back supposivily from the hospital because she somehow stepped on the pan and “fell down the stairs” She had a brace on her wrist. -Side note, I have fallen down the stairs, Oscar has fallen down the stairs; and neither one of us needed to go to the hospital. (Oscar from the very top) Anyway the Duche says “Jesse, can I have a WORD with you?” (He always said that when he wanted to talk to us, which I found funny) and Jesse says “Sure”
“You know that PAN you put at the top of the stairs”
“WELL Carly(Girlfriend) stepped on it and fell down the stairs and hurt herself”
“Well maybe you should look where you’re going”
“No its just common sense, you don’t do that”
“I’m sorry she fell”
“No its just common sense”
“No its just common sense, and now we’re not paying your fucking rent this month”
“Well get the fuck out of my house then”
“Well when my BROTHER gets home he’ll have WORDS with you too!”

Brother came home at around 3 am, did not have words with Jesse, didn’t have “words” with him the next day either. Handed over the key without a word otherwise and they packed up what little shit they had and left. Oh they left some shit in the garage too. And a stink in the basement.

So the next couple of days of us being home was WONDERFUL!! It was quiet, there was no annoying hiss laughter coming from downstairs, no douchy conversations to have to listen to. It instantly made me go from super stressed and angry to floating on air. Jesse actually had blue birds on his shoulders and was skipping around whistling. Just beautiful!

Jesse’s mom is moving in with us. Now don’t groan!! I know it sounds bad but the woman is actually a wonderful person, she might be flighty and flaky but she will have a job with in a week I garauntee it. I’m actually kinda excited about it. Hell we’ve lived with my sister and her monsters, then with three douches I’m sure this will be just another learning experiance. And until I’m making money too, its just something we have to do.

Still no word on if they sold the house…our big problem is that we’re late on rent this month because we had to come up with all of it because of the punks that left us. There is a house just down the block that should be going up for rent soon, we’re going to check it out just in case we have to move. I don’t want to move…

The other big news is that Jesse was found not to be qualified for the Boarder Protection Job, not because of his background, well kinda, but because he is technically a Draft Dodger…He never signed up for Selective Service and the Office of Personnell Management decided that he didn’t give enough evidence to support that he didn’t mean to not sign up. Apparently being a 18 year old dummy isn’t a good enough excuse. So we were bummed but its not a total loss, we have come to love our neighborhood too much to really want to leave. I just don’t really know what kind of evidence they wanted us to give…He graduated high school, and went to Eugene to smoke a lot of weed, of course he didn’t know about the S.S. He didn’t sign up for any financial aide so he didn’t get notice then, he never applied for any government help or jobs so he didn’t know about it then…he honestly just didn’t know!

So with that, he is now going to see if he’ll be elligible to become a city or state cop and go to school and take some classes, we know that he won’t be elligible for government loans but he should be able to get enough in private funds. Grants and such. And he’s getting away from his journeyman at work, the guy is screwing him out of way too much money and basically just being a total dickface about everything. So he’s going to go out on his own. Which will be good and end up being about a $10 raise for him.

I will start my schooling when I get back, because I should have my laptop by then, I got all the materials in the other day and got to look through everything. I’m going to become very knowledgeble about medical terms. I’m excited!! Then I will be on my way to being a productive member of society again and make some money and be able to pay off bills! YAY!

So do you see how different I am today? I think I am bi-polar…
I’m waiting for my delusions of grandure…oh wait, I think I just did that in the previous paragraph!! ha!! My delusions of grandure just invovlve me being able to pay bills!
Anyway! Hopefully I’ll be on again later, since I’m at mom’s I should be able to keep up the writing…

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