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31 Mar

Uhm Okay, so I’m finally back to being better, although I’m terrified that I’m going to get the flu now from Jesse, because he finally got it. Hopefully we don’t pass it back and forth, bad enough cleaning up after his puke…yuck.
I got back on my antidepressants after being told that they were probably the reason for my weirdness in my brain. Being off of them that is. So I went back on and now my brain is normal. huh. So apparently I have no serotonin levels of my own in my brain.

My sister has moved out and we hastily replaced her with three douche bags. They’re terrible!! Annoying dorks, not nerds, DORKS. Terrible. Terrible decision. But we had to do it, we got a little scared we weren’t going to make rent. So yeah. They’re only 19 and 23…and they tell really good stories! I got this one today “I used to make beats, you know, on my computer, and send them to famous people because I knew their addresses and then I would like hear my beat on their songs a couple months later.” “Uhhh sure you did, douche.” oh supposedly he made up the beat to a song that was made in 1992…when he was three. yeah you did. I think he meant to tell me that he “replicated” the beat, because I don’t think he could actually come up with it on his own. He said he did it back in 2001…when he was 11…and I didn’t want to tell him that the song was made in 92…so he didn’t “make the beat” I’m too nice. I try not to talk to them because they give me headaches.

My mom was in town for a week, we helped Mel put together her apartment and mom made me clean up my house too. stinkin mom! And then my baby brother Aba came to visit us and we went out to a couple bars for Mel’s birthday. Mel is hilarious when drunk. And it gets better when I’m drunk, I can actually tolerate her a little bit. She lost her phone and almost got an STD for her birthday! Yay! We went to this white trash bar on Monroe because they had karaoke and Aba is fiend. He got a lot of girls that night just by singing a little Garth Brooks. ha! Its funny to hear him sing that because to look at him you wouldn’t think he knew any country, you wouldn’t think he knew every Outkast song either though. And he does. He’s so unassuming. Mel made friends with another birthday girl, who was the exact same age as Mel and everything, she kept calling her “MY TWIN!!” I don’t know if they were getting annoyed with her or not. But she did get threatened by a woman because Mel was hitting on her 21 year old son. haha!! What a fun night!

So I’m feeling better, and I’m taking walks. I now can fit into size 18!! I’m so excited! Two pant sizes since Dec! That’s pretty good for me! I even walked to the Post Office today in the rain. My neighbor across the street wants to start jogging. And every time she says that I think of Anchorman and Ron Burgandy saying “We’re trying this new thing called yogging or jogging, I think its yogging, its a soft j..” I don’t yog. I walk fast and I sprint. And now a days I only sprint when being chased, which hasn’t happened. I have to clean up my scrapbooking room tomorrow so I can get back to some sort of creative process. I don’t know though, I have a feeling the duchebag roommate situation might have blocked it. Why?! Why did we do this to ourselves?! We should have held out for the Lesbian quiet couple! Oh yeah and the roommates like to wrestle…at 11 pm!!! and I swear to god they’re trying to break walls down there. And it STINKS!!! Oh Oh! and then! They started a fire in the fireplace downstairs without asking if it works or if the freaking chimney is blocked. Just to see, no they weren’t cold they were just curious. FUCKING DOUCHE BAGS!!!!!! I want to punch them!! Okay I got that out now.

So what else…
OH! Jesse got through and passed both the video based test and the physical based test for the Boarder Patrol. Now we just wait for the Selective Service to get back to us and then the back ground check! I keep praying and hoping that this keeps going right. If it does and he goes to training, we’re going to put everything in storage and get the heck out of this house. And then I’m going to couch hop for 3 months. yay!
I better get going. Hopefully I’ll be on more often so I can keep up with everything.

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