The Oregon Trail

13 Mar

So everytime someone I know is sick for more than a couple days, I start to imagine them with old-timey illnesses. Like those from the old Oregon Trail game. Randa has been missing in action lately because she is deathly ill. Not really, but to hear her talk about it, she is. Hahaha. Anyway, when she talks about being sick, I picture her in an old prairie dress with tiny flowers on it. Bonnet and everything, riding in the back of a wagon, with her hand draped across her forehead. She’s feeling poorly because of her delicate womanly disposition. But then the wagon train has to cross a river. Randa, being too sick to move, maintains her position in the back of the wagon. She promptly gets thrown out at the first bump. That’s when she gets bitten by a snake. Some kindly old man drags her by her foot across the river. She accidently swallowed some water, so now she has diarrhea. And pneumonia, and tuberculosis. At this point, she’s probably not feeling too well, so she sits down to rest. Then a wagon tips over and traps her legs. With her last bits of strength, she writes out a note to tell me how sick she is. She ties it to the back of a badger and sends it on its way.
If that badger hadn’t been hit by a car in front of my house, I totally would’ve written back to her…to tell her she should have remembered her cell phone.
Really, she just has a sinus infection.
And gets mad when she realizes I haven’t been listening to her at all on the phone, but have instead been imagining the above scenario with various ailments and message deliverers.
Get well soon!

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