No Cable, Day Two

23 Jan

Someday soon I’ll get over this no cable thing but not today! I already did laundry and cleaned up a bit…its only 9:39, there’s something seriously wrong with me. So I had to come and do something half way lazy like oh I don’t know write nonsense on my blog. Yay! Nonsense!!
I’m really really sleepy today due to the sleeping pills I’ve been taking to sleep at night…which worked pretty good last night, but kinda groggy today. I have a very short fuse today, and I can’t seem to handle the four year old bossing me around at all today. Yes he bosses me around, he bosses my two year old around to and it pisses me off. I’ve never before in my life wanted to punch a child…but now I do. Terrible. I’m trying really hard to be a more positive up beat person but he makes that task all the more hard. And I’m tired of his mother saying how cute he is and how hard it is to punish him when he’s bad because he’s so cute and adorable. He’s not. He’s the devil, I have come to realize this. Oh and maybe its also because he looks and acts exactly like his asshole fucker of a father. Who I don’t know if you catch my drift but I hate with more intensity then the fires of the sun. I seriously don’t know how my sister stuck around him for 10 years, I would have been out after the first month. But that’s me I guess.
I really need to clean the kitchen, its calling me but I keep ignoring it. but I told my sister I would clean it today since she’s been cleaning it all week for some reason. I just haven’t wanted to. I have to take care of her stinking kids for her what more does she want from me? Has she found daycare yet? No, it will be another two weeks at least before she gets them in anywhere, and I’ll still have to take them to and from. Do I get a break? Do I?
Man I am such a whiny baby today. Soo sleepy.

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