Sad Sad Sad

22 Jan

I have no cable. I’ve been living with cable for the last 5 years straight, and I don’t know how I’ll live without it. I’ve been trying to cancel it on my own now for 2 months because we can’t afford it but the bastards at Comcast wouldn’t let me. “oh we’ll just do this for you” “yeah well I still won’t be able to pay the bill” So today in the middle of Curious George it walked out of our lives. Oscar cried, because well, he’s 2. I pretended to be okay with is and substituted CG with Kung Fu Panda, which is another favorite. It worked, for him. I on the other hand wandered aimlessly around my house all day. Sure I did 3 scrapbook pages but that was really all I got accomplished. You would think that I would do more with my time now that I don’t have that life sucker around. And yes at times I used it as a babysitter. Don’t judge. You’d do the same. We can’t all be crafty mothers who let their two year old’s bake with them and make messes everywhere just so we can clean up after them. But tomorrow I do have somewhat of an agenda, I do have to do laundry. And maybe I’ll clean up some living places around the house. Ugh, I hate thinking about cleaning.
I am lazy. I will stand up and admit this, I’ve admited it before. But I will again. LAZY. My mom has even told me this. I don’t know why, when someone tells me to do something I’ll do it. Tell me to take out the garbage. I’ll do it, but do it myself? Whehw! NO WAY. Okay that’s a little exagerated, because just today I took out the garbage, but that was because I was bored. Maybe no cable is a good thing. Thank GOD my friend is sending me books. She loves me.

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